Were Conspiracy Theorists Right All Along About JFK?

There is a common trend among a huge chunk of the population – the conspiracy theory. It has been popularized in various movies and television shows, including some that are completely based upon conspiracy mythologies like the X-Files, and the theories that abound in the Nicholas Cage movie National Treasure. However, one of the most well known conspiracy theories involve the assassination fifty years ago of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Theories that it was a government assisted assassination, or that another country had arranged it, are all over the internet. But the question is, has new evidence come to light that the conspiracy nuts were right all along?

downloadFor 50 years, researchers and proponents of this particular conspiracy theory have pored over documents, statements, records and interviews from the time to answer the question of whether Lee Harvey Oswald was truly the man who had killed the President of the United States, or whether he was a “patsy” as he had claimed. One man who is all too familiar with the conspiracy theories is JFK expert Dave Perry. “People think I’m an anti-conspiracy guy,” Perry said in a recent interview. Even with his belief that there really was no conspiracy, there is a theory that he’s not willing to discard as quickly.

Some well known names have come out recently that support parts of these theories. Secretary John Kerry is one of those people and filmmaker Oliver Stone is another. People that subscribe to these theories gather at conferences to talk over the issue. One of the theories that get heard at these conferences is that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Perry doesn’t think that’s a theory that he can just throw out. “The problem is, of all of them, this is one I can’t debunk,” he laughs. However, fifty years after the fact, we may never actually know the truth. Unless that is, there really is a Presidential Book of Secrets that lists information just as this.

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