What Are The 5 Different Ways To Import A Boat To Australia?

There are many who are interested to import boats from abroad to Australia. Several reasons are there for importing the boat into Australia like

  • Excellent options available when it comes to selecting yachts and boats.
  • No import duty is present for the American manufactured ones, due to USFTA.
  • These are much cheaper in the United States than that of Australia.

How import a boat to Australia?

This is a question that is asked by many, especially those who are first time trying to procure boats from abroad. With some tips and suggestions, it is possible to get Imported boat, yacht finance from Harley Finance without any hassle and in a legal manner.

5 Effective Ways to Import Boat

  1. An effective way to import boats and yachts is to contact a company that specializes in importing and shipping of boats from abroad into Australia. The company needs to have years of experience in this trade and should carry out with great vigor. Also, it needs to have ample knowledge for making the entire shipping procedure hassle free. It also needs to have licensed customs brokerage to ensure that the shipping process is carried out right from start to the end. They should take all the worry from the client to provide a boat according to the specific requirements.
  1. There are several websites that do offer imported boats from abroad. Going through the site will help the individual to have clear information on the boats and can order them through the site. However, care should be taken to ensure that the site is a reputed one and enjoys excellent credentials and reviews.
  1. Getting survey report before importing the yacht to boat: This is an essential task and should not be neglected upon. On finding the right one that the individual determines to purchase, it is very much important to get a pre-purchase report or survey conducted by independent marine surveyor. This report is a vital step that can help the individual to take a good decision that would go in his favor. This way, it is also possible to avoid imported boats, which are in worse condition.
  1. One can also take help from yacht finance from Harley Finance, who not only can help in providing finance for buying the imported boats, but can also help in getting one. There are experts present who can assist in the process and those individuals, who face financial issues, can have it resolved to own a boat.
  1. Another way to get a boat of a choice is to look for reputed brokers, who would have their contact details listed on the local Yellow Pages and Business directories. These reputed brokers can satisfy the boating requirements. All the individual needs to do, is to get a quote and fill up the application with the desired details. The brokers do help by assisting with inspections, surveys, documentation and other essential things that would be necessary for taking the delivery of the boat.

Whatever be the choice of way to have the boat imported into Australia, it is necessary to ensure that the right one is selected to have peace of mind and value worth the investment.

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