What Are The Job Responsibilities Of Security Staff?

Security staffcomprises of a group of workerswho are paid for protecting people, assets and property. These are civilian personnel mostly owned privately. Security guards are uniformed and they work towards protecting property by way of maintaining a high visibility presence for deterring inappropriate and illegal actions. They also keep an eye on the signs of disorder, fire and crime through direct patrols or with the use of video cameras and alarm systems. These people also fulfill certain functions of private policing.

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of Security Staff?

Tasks and Job Duties of Security Staff

The security staff of a company needs to carry out a number of tasks and job duties. Some of the common tasks that the security personnel need to provide include:

  • Patrolling commercial and industrial premises for preventing and detecting the signs of any kind of intrusion and ensuring the security of gates, windows and doors.
  • Answering alarms and investigating disturbances.
  • Monitoring and authorizing entrances and departures of visitors, employees and other people for guarding against any kind of theft. They also carry the responsibility of maintaining the security of industrial, commercial and residential premises.
  • Writing reports of irregularities and daily activities like property or equipment damage, unusual occurrences, the presence of some unauthorized people and any kind of theft.
  • Calling the fire or police departments during emergencies like the presence of unlawful people and fire emergencies.
  • Working in coordination with employees, patrons and visitors for preserving order and also for protecting property.
  • Answering questions on telephone calls, taking messages and providing information when the switchboard remains closed or during non-business hours.
  • Warning people about rule violations and refractions. Security staff also carries out the job of apprehending or evicting violators from industrial or residential premises by the use of force if required.
  • Operating several detecting devices for screening individuals and preventing the passage of certain prohibited things into constrained or restricted areas.
  • Escorting or driving motor vehicles for transporting individuals to various locations. This way they provide personal protection.
  • Inspecting and adjusting machinery, equipment and security systems for ensuring operational use and for detecting the proof of any kind of tampering.
  • Driving and guarding armored vehicles that transfer valuables and money. This way they help in the prevention of theft ensuring safe delivery.
  • Monitoring and adjusting controls that manage building systems like boiler, furnace and air conditioning.


There are different specializations of security personnel and they have been enumerated below:

Air Security Officer

The work of an air security officer is providing security at important airports and even on international and domestic flights.

Protective Service Officer

These officers provide security at Government premises and they are also given good salaries against their dangerous job.


Bodyguards are officers who carry out the responsibility of protecting an individual personally.

Crowd Controller

Crowd controllers are officers who maintain order at huge gatherings like concerts and night clubs.


Gatekeepers ensure that only authorized vehicles and people leave or enter a particular premise. These officers also bear the responsibility of checking vehicle loads and parking areas. Other specializations include mobile patrol guards, security agents and store security officers.

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