What Attracts Men In Abundance

What Attracts Men In Abundance

While you might think that you are looking particularly ravishing, you might be missing a small key point that goes from the target of all the boys in the bar to sitting yourself steaming drunk. A night out can be a hard one to gauge as it’s hard to know if you really do look as good as friends & family have told you. Therefore, it’s always good to have a few fallback options to use.

While you may know guys that tell you that they just want “someone to cuddle with” or something typical like this, the reality is usually very different from what they say.

So, what attracts men? What makes a man stand up and notice you? What does the other sex find desirable enough that they will go from thinking you are attractive to thinking you are the most amazing thing in the room at that time?

What Attracts Men In Abundance

Pulling It Off

You might have your best features on display, smell a million dollars and look absolutely outstanding – but if your personality is as flat as week-old Coca Cola, you won’t get anywhere with someone. Self-confidence is all about getting the men in this world, and letting them believe that you are in control of your body and your own mind is a very attractive proposition. Men who can sense insecurity will be put off – we all know about how insecurities can be a turn off – and instead will probably move on to a “new target” instead.

Rather than let this hurt your feelings, though, you should use it as a motivation.


One thing that men love to see in women is independence. An independent women who does not need to be ferried around and given instructions is so much more attractive than the doted “Yes Sir” types that many women try to be. If you want to know what attracts men by My Love Catch, it’s being strong enough to have them really surprised by how forthright and forward you can be.


While you don’t want to be “one of the lads” a guy loves to be able to have a laugh and a joke with a female. If you are able to carry a sense of humor and take jokes a little more on the risqué side of things, you are more likely to have a good chance of hitting it off together.

Being in a relationship – or trying to start one – takes time and patience. It also needs you to be prepared to put in the hard work, and learn that your personality might need to be a bit more open and accepting of others if you really want to succeed dating!

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