What Makes Cancun So Alluring To College Students?

What Makes Cancun So Alluring To College Students?

Every year during Spring Break, thousands of college age students flock to Cancun, Mexico, for a party-filled week of vacation. In the last decade or two, Cancun has become the go-to spot for college parties during Spring Break. Students from all over America grab their friends and head to Mexico.

If you’ve ever wondered why Cancun in particular is such a hotspot for college kids, read on to find out!

Location, location, location

It’s pretty hard to beat Cancun’s location. It’s right on the beach, but it’s a different kind of beach than in the United States. Cancun has a Caribbean feel, and the weather is beautiful year round; it’s guaranteed to be sunny and hot when Spring Break rolls around. Taking a spring vacation in Cancun assures students that they’ll be getting time off from school in absolutely perfect weather, with a stunning view to boot.

What Makes Cancun So Alluring To College Students?

The Right Flight

Unlike most international destinations, it makes sense for people to fly to Cancun. Because it is so close to the United States, it’s a relatively short flight. It’s also very cheap to fly to Cancun (relative to other international locations), which means that most college students can afford to get there. For people looking to go on a true vacation for Spring Break, Cancun makes the most sense from a logistics perspective. For that matter, it is also an affordable place to stay.

Drinking Age

In Mexico, the legal drinking age is 18-years old, unlike America’s law that restricts alcohol to people under 21. It’s no secret that college kids love to party, and for many of them, that entails drinking. But a lot of college kids aren’t 21-years old yet, and even if they are, chances are good that not all of their friends will be. Cancun offers a fun spot where college students can go and legally drink with all of their buddies.


Cancun has developed a reputation for being the place for college students to spend Spring Break. That reputation has perpetuated itself, and has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now people flock to Cancun because of its status as a party hot spot, which in turn generates more and more partygoers.


College students seek anonymity. Many of them still feel under the watch of their parents, and they probably live in a dorm or a frat/sorority house. Cancun offers a chance for them to let loose with complete anonymity. Other than the friends they go with, they’ll almost assuredly not see anyone they know, or anyone they’ll ever see again. As a result, they can cut loose a little bit in ways that they wouldn’t allow themselves to do normally. Cancun is to college students what Vegas is to adults; what happens there stays there. No parents, no teachers, no acquaintances to spread rumors or judge them for their actions. Just total, anonymous freedom.

For those reasons, Cancun is a popular spring break location for college kids all across America.

Marcus Filmore is an avid traveler who frequently writes on foreign cultures, studying abroad, vacationing, business travel and other topics. If you’re contemplating a trip to Mexico, Marcus strongly recommends a Cabo villas beach resort in order to maximize your vacation experience.

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