What Makes CUSCS Different?

The CUSCS was founded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1965 as the Department of Extramural Studies. Now under the new name of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the school continues its aim of providing whole person development through a diverse range of courses, both general and accredited. With so many educational establishments in Hong Kong, what is unique about CUSCS?

CUSCS logoAs a provider of lifelong education, the CUSCS wishes to cultivate a learning society, offering courses to students of all ages at all levels of experience, both as a stepping stone to further study and as an end in itself. By using the University’s resources and academic expertise, the CUSCS aims to enrich the learning experience to create citizens who will be an asset to Hong Kong in socioeconomic terms. By first and foremost wishing to serve the community, the school succeeds in promoting the value of education to individuals and has been supporting students in their personal growth for decades.

For those who are interested in learning for its own merit, there are a multitude of general courses taught at the university where the only entrance requirements are that one is over 16 and in possession of a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or similar. Accredited courses are drawn from an equally wide pool of disciplines. These include, but are not limited to: Art and Design, Creative Media, Music, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Business and Management, Accounting, Technology, Nature and Environment, as well as Languages. The courses include certificates and diplomas, often accredited by an associated professional body.

As the reputation of the school and its academic credentials has increased, so too has the number and type of courses on offer. Through collaboration with universities in Australia, China, and the United Kingdom, CUSCS now offer a number of Bachelor degree courses alongside two Masters Programmes for teaching Chinese and for teaching English as a Second Language. For students looking to gain education and experience in a person-focused environment, CUSCS has more to offer than ever before.

Continued education in Hong Konghas changed considerably since the introduction of the 3-3-4 scheme in 2009. The school now offers new courses to reflect the new educational paradigm. As the government aims to offer a more diverse range of educational pathways to young people, the school has increased and expanded the range of diploma courses available, including the two-year Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), where students study two languages (Chinese and English), Mathematics, Liberal Studies, and two or three subjects of their own choosing. This education can open the door to Bachelor Degrees, Associate Degrees, and other advanced educational options.

To fulfil their objective of supporting Hong Kong through learning, the school does more than educate young people with diplomas and provide courses for lifelong learners. Just as important is the professional training and in-house courses, which they provide to industry. With a strong background in languages, business management, and IT, CUSCS provides tailor-made training packages for those in business, finance, education, and the not-for-profit sector for enterprises in Hong Kong, mainland China, and further afield through their connections with foreign universities. Pragmatic business approaches are married with academic expertise to improve the skills and working practices of professional bodies to the advantage of the wider community.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies holds a unique place in Hong Kong where learning is given priority in itself. Their strong performance in humanities, languages, and business make them a great choice for many. From those looking to acquire a diploma to semi-retirees seeking to explore new interests and from bankers to social theorists, CUSCS has a place for all of these citizens and aims to provide them with an education for the enrichment of the individual, Hong Kong, China, and the global community.

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