What To Do If You’re Locked Out Of Your Car

There are some things that just always happen at the exact wrong time. Getting locked out of your car is usually one of those things. It seems it always happens when you’re in a rush trying to get to work or frantically trying to make it to school on time to take a huge exam. When people get stressed out, they tend to forget things. Sometimes one of those things they forget is to take their keys out of their car before they lock it. Don’t fear, though, your car won’t be locked forever. There are ways to get back into your car if you are locked out. Here is a game plan of what to do if you’re locked out of your car, that way you don’t have to freak out if it ever happens.


CHECK FOR SPARE KEY: The first thing you should ever do if you get locked out of your car is check for a spare key. If you have one in your home, or if a neighbor is holding it for you, make sure you try to find it first because this is going to be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get back into your car if you are ever locked out.

ENTER CODE IN KEYPAD (IF YOUR CAR IS EQUIPPED): Many cars now come with a keypad that will unlock your driver door if you type in the right code. If you aren’t sure of your code, check inside your car somewhere, the code is usually written inside the trunk in many vehicles.

CALL ONSTAR: If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar, you can simply call them and they can remotely unlock your car. OnStar Remote Mobile app can even allow you to lock and unlock your car right from your smartphone, which can be really handy if you’re in the habit of locking yourself out of your car.

CALL A TOWING COMPANY OR LOCKSMITH: This is going to be your last option. If none of the previous options apply to you, you will need to call a local towing company or locksmith. An unlock by Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo., is going to cost you $40 in city limits, but it varies by geographical location. There are some locksmiths that charge upward of $100 to unlock your car. It varies city to city, so you’ll want to call around a few places and get an estimate unless you are in a hurry and are forced to go with whatever option is available the quickest.

How to prevent it from happening: There are some easy ways to prevent this from happening in the future. The most important thing is to be aware of where your keys are and slow down. When you are rushing around, you tend to forget things more. Another thing that is helpful to do is make sure that you are always putting your car keys in the same place. That way you will always remember where they are. Just making a mental note to put your keys in the same pocket in your purse or on the same table in your home can really help you notice if they aren’t there. A hideaway key is another option if you are really worried about getting locked out of your car. Make sure that you hide it in a non-obvious place, though, or your car could be very susceptible to getting stolen.

Written by the staff at Tiger Towing in Columbia, Mo. For more details on towing around Columbia, Mo, visit Tiger Towing’s Google+ page.

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