What You Can Learn In 4 Weeks Of Web Designing Program

Any web designing training course starts with a basic introduction on the concept of web designing. Eventually, the students will be required to study about the various ways in which they can built and design a website. They will be provided training in web presentations, effective navigation, web page layout and intense design processes. The training program will include the correct usage of color, graphics and fonts.

What You Can Learn In 4 Weeks Of Web Designing Program

Web Designing is the Mark of a True Artist

They will also be required to work in an environment that deals with CSS and tables. They will also study about different website management methods. The trainee will also acquire knowledge about issues related to accessibility and working with real clients and domains. The following points will help you to understand the various procedures that are followed during a weekly basis web designing program –

  • Week 1:
  • In the first week, the students will be provided practical knowledge on handling clients. They will be given information about the usability of different domains. They will be able to go through various web design patterns. Trainers will offer real life experience to trainers about site development processes. They will need to study about the principle of a website. Students will also get to learn to plan their own website.

  •  Week 2:
  • The second week will include a different pattern of training. During the week, the candidates will learn more about design principles. They will be given practical examples regarding page layouts that give effective results. They will study different layout options. Through the week, they will learn more about using frames, layers and tables. They candidates will be working with forms. It is the second week, when they will be required to work with CSS for the first time. They will understand how using the feature of CSS, they can add appeal and suppleness to a design.

  • Week 3:
  • In the third week, the candidates will be provided with page navigation ideas. They will know the trick to successful navigation. Trainer will give thorough knowledge about navigating in more than one way. By the end of the third week, they will know more about hierarchical organization and about task based management. They will also get proper information about making the process of navigation an easy task. They will be able to know more about error messages, bread crumbs, links that are both external and embedded. They will be required to study about different visibility buttons, browsing hierarchy and other accessibility issues.

  • Week 4:
  • During the fourth week, the students will be required to know more about speeding a website. They will need to learn various methods in which they can provide assistance to visitors for completing a task. They will be taught the principles of writing for a search engine. They will be required to study about printable pages, the searching process of a site, the method of controlling different versions.


Four week of study is not enough for an aspiring web designer. They will need to enroll in a real time web designing program for learning the intricate areas of website designing. If the student enrolls in a detailed programming course, then they will be able to learn more about flashing colors, contrasting colors and bright colors. They will also get to learn more about web branding and essential privacy policies.
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