When To Give Flowers?

Flowers may be given as gifts on almost any traditional gift-giving occasion. They make excellent birthday, anniversary and wedding presents. However, gifts of flowers are not exactly a new thing; how can you make your flower gift something unique and memorable? What are some ideas for making the recipient see that you care about them? Consider the following three tips on making a statement with flowers:

Make Your Arrangements Colorful

In most cases when a person is giving flowers as a gift, they get only a single type of flower or they put together certain flowers that look like they complement each other. This is very different from a professional arrangement. Professionally arranged flowers from a florist in Beecroft will be more than just a variety of colors put together, they will be skillfully composed art.

When To Give Flowers?

Themed Posy Arrangements

It is commonly thought that a posy is a variety of flower. It is actually a term for a group of flowers. What is the best way to choose a posy to use as a gift? You may want to use a theme. Babies summon up the notion of newness and therefore you could use white flowers. You could also opt for blue flowers or pink ones to focus on the baby’s gender. Orange and red flowers are good for autumn gifts while pinks may be used at any time of year. You could also use a variety of colors that are based on the same hue, like blue or violet or purple; this is a great way get your posies to draw attention.

Give Plants

Flowers are a relatively short-lived present. Eventually they will die, sometimes very quickly. Plants can live for much longer. Plants that may be given as gifts include lilies, orchids and jades. These are gifts that could last for many years.

It may be easy to go to buy a few roses and leave it at that but while that gift may be enjoyed, it may not last for very long. Make a stronger impression with your flowers. Florist with Flowers offers numerous bouquets, arrangements and plants for all occasions.

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