Why To Choose Public Cloud Hosting For Your Business

Public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting solutions have started catching up with conventional hosting solutions. More and more businesses have opting for them. In fact, some experts have already started writing epitaph of conventional servers. Though the current scenario is far away from writing epitaph for conventional servers, it needs special mention that everyone agrees that cloud is the future. As this blog post is dedicated to the discussion on public cloud hosting solution, let’s start by discussing about the concept first.

What is Public Cloud?

This is the most popular and affordable cloud hosting model that is built upon pooled shared physical resources and can be accessed through public network such as internet. The same shared infrastructure is used for providing services to many clients. If parallel can be drawn with conventional servers, it can be compared with the shared hosting machine servers.

Who use Public Clouds?

Public cloud hosting solutions are used mostly by businesses who want a more efficient hosting solution, where localized problems don’t adversely affect the functioning of websites. If there is a natural calamity in one location and the hosting service providers are forced to shut down their data centers, the user will not be able to function. Therefore, banking services accessing hosting solution from such a location will not be able to function and loads of transactions will have to be hold. If the business or bank would have opted for cloud hosting, they wouldn’t have been stuck like this. It is because another server infrastructure located in a different location would have made the business work. This is where public cloud hosting is preferred over other hosting solutions. If you don’t want to get stuck or want to keep running normal business functions even when a natural calamity has struck a place, public cloud hosting is found to be the best possible option available.

Why to choose Public Cloud Hosting Solution?

There are innumerable reasons for choosing public clouds and some of the most important ones are mentioned below;

Reason #1 – Location of clouds is independent of any specific location

This is one of the major advantages of public clouds because there are series of server infrastructure are involved that are located in different locations. No matter where the client is located, he/she will be able to access service wherever he/she moves or want to access. Even if one data center shuts down due to any problem, the other server infrastructure located in other locations will sail through the server operations. With this facility in place collaborative online document creation becomes easier from different location of the world.

Reason #2 – Flexibility is unparalleled

No matter which service you are using (SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS) the extent of flexibility you will get is unparalleled. It is so flexible that in accordance with the needs, users can use both private clouds and dedicated servers. This kind of hybrid facility makes hosting that more interesting.

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