Why Everyone Needs a Blog

Blogs are important in this day and age. They allow us to get information across to people and can help to drive traffic to a website. If you’re thinking about starting a blog (and you should) take a look at WebHostingBlueBook.com for information on hosting and how to get started.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

A blog is a great tool in any SEO strategy. Great content will attract visitors looking for information and this can make you an authority in Google’s eyes. Being an authority in your area means that your content is valuable and therefore anything you link to is also valuable, even if that’s your own site.
This can be a slow process but just the act of putting regular content on your blog tells Google that your website is regularly updated and not dormant. Also, writing all those words and posting them online creates keywords that potential readers could find you through.
Why Everyone Needs a Blog

Social media

If you have a blog, it’s great social media fodder. You don’t have to go on the hard sell directing followers to your sales pages any more. Instead, you can go in softly and show them an article on your blog.
You can encourage discussion on social media based around a recent blog topic or you can simply remind people you are there when you announce your latest post. If this is done in the right way, followers will soon start to see that you are an expert in your field. This brings trust and will make them more likely to take a look at your website to see what services/products you offer.


If you post hard-hitting, informative articles on a regular basis, people will start to see your blog as an authority in that area. It doesn’t matter if you write about the advances in biomedical sciences or the latest flower arranging techniques. As long as it’s related to your business, the right people will pay attention.
As soon as people start to see you as an expert in your area, the more they will want to read what you write and get involved with what you do.


If you write good content and people visit your blog to read it, it’s likely a percentage of those will click the links in your articles. Make sure you link to different parts of your business site, where appropriate, to give readers more information.
This will help to drive traffic to your site.


A blog is a great place to share information. It might be business news, promoting an event or just an update to family and friends about your last holiday.


Even if you’re not blogging for your business, you can blog for yourself. Writing on a regular basis can help to improve discipline, writing skills and also help you to work out issues. For example, if you write anonymously about the trouble you’re having in a relationship, that simple act can help you to straighten things in your head to get to a solution.

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