Why it is important to descale your heater

Throughout the world people experienced different types of weather and climate changes. The four main seasons are summer, autumn, winter and spring. The spring and autumn season are considered the favorite part of the year as the temperatures of day and night are not extremely cold or hot and people can enjoy themselves. On the other hand some parts of the world face extreme cold in the winter season and extreme heat in the summer season.

The clothes that people wear, the food the people eat and activities they do in summer months is entirely opposite and different in the winter season. In northern parts of the world there are very long and cold winter months for which people start preparing in the autumn season. In winters the water gets very cold and becomes difficult for people to make use of water while taking shower, cooking food and cleaning utensils. The one product which is used to effectively heat the water is a heater or a water boiler. The most common type are storage water heaters which is comprises of a cylindrical shaped container which keeps the water hot all the time. These heaters may be operated with different source of energy such as natural gas, electricity, heating oil or solar energy. Of all the types the natural gas heaters are most widely used across the world as it is more economical and effective in heating water. The purpose of tank type heater is to not only heat the water but also store it for further use. The heater is equipped inside with insulation which allows the water to stay warm in heating cycles. On top of the heater there are supply and delivery pipes. The supply pipe drives cold water to the bottom of the heater while delivery pipe takes the hot water from the top. For safety concerns every heater has a temperature and pressure relief valve which opens when temperature of the water exceeds the limit. The heaters are primarily made up of steel with glass lining on the inside to prevent corrosion.

A heater is a machine which like every other machine needs proper repair and maintenance. To ensure that you receive constant hot water and the heater works fine, it is essential to descale the heater. Descaling means to remove the deposits or sediments that build up inside the heater due to hard water. People may also use a descaling agent which is a chemical substance to remove limestone from metal surface of the heater. The descaling agents are acidic compounds such as acetic acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and citric acid which react with the alkaline compounds present in the lime scale.

The steps to descale the heater are

  • First step is to drain the existing water present in the heater. You have turnoff the water supply by opening all taps and faucets.
  • Removing the element is second step once the water is flushed out. Tools such as wrench can be used to remove the element. In some heaters elements are not removed as the heat source is built in.
  • Applying cleaning solution is third step. Special care must be taken when selecting a descaling solution as many of the products contain harmful chemicals. One can also use a mixture of white vinegar and water to avoid chemical solution. The smell of white vinegar is also not irritating and uncomfortable.
  • Scrubbing is done once you see deposits in the solution you have applied. One should wear rubber protective gloves and scrub the surface of the heater. It is better to use a scrubbing brush with bristles to avoid any damage to the heater.
  • Rinsing is the last step and is performed when the cleaning solution is completely drained out. You must rinse the heater to remove any lingering deposits and traces of the chemical solution or white vinegar that you apply. The heater should be filled with water and allowed to drain and this process should be repeated couple of times to ensure that the heater is properly rinsed and water is safe for household usage.

Heavenly heaters descaler is one of the most effective solution which removes the limestone deposits completely from your heater. The solution is specially produced to dissolve all kinds of limestone, calcium carbonate and rust deposits from heating elements of water heaters. The solution is odorless and non-corrosive and quite safe to use.

About the Author:

Mr. Tim Howard is an expert in helping people install the best heaters for their home according to their needs and budget. He also gives them tips on maintaining the heater and advises them to use heavenly heaters descaler to remove lime stone deposits from their heater. People can ask him further questions about heaters on his Facebook and Twitter page.



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