Why It's Important To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home

Sofas are a saving grace. It is that one place that you can rest your weary head, put up your tired feet, or snuggle up with your favorite blanket on the days when you just need a respite from the world without getting in the bed and pulling the covers over your head. A sofa is that one large expense in the house that you have to get right. As simple as this piece of furniture is, its color, structure, and size can be the difference in how well a room is perceived. Choosing the best sofa for your interior design will make that space the place where mental rest and restorative energy resides.


While there is no scientific method for choosing the right sofa, there is strategic thinking involved. To get you thinking along the right lines, let’s map out a few key considerations first:

-Are you replacing a sofa or redecorating the whole space?

-What are your lifestyle needs? For example: Is the couch for a family room where heavy traffic is certain? Will it see usage from small children or pets?

-Does it need to be long enough to take an occasional nap on, or is it just for sitting and polite conversation?

Once your intentions have been well documented, then you can start thinking about what style of sofa would be the ideal piece to fill that space. The features alone can keep you in a state of flux unless you seek help from a professional interior decorator. High back or low, raised legs or skirted front, to tuft or not to tuft, that is the question. A decorator can answer all of your questions about features and design style. Features become important because they can bring visual distinction between the elements of the room and the furniture. The flooring will have some effect on how a sofa looks in the room.

Next, you need to make a decision about the color of the sofa and its fabric. Selecting a color for your sofa is easier than you think. Here are some of the ground rules for selecting the color. The French like to match their sofa with the the wall paper and the curtains, so that it does not stand out and you can have other focal points around the room. But western design allows for the sofa to be the standout show piece being designed around. Or you can choose a color that complements the design inspiration piece and carry that color throughout the space. The fabric options will depend upon your anticipated use of the sofa, durable fabric, structured fabric with texture or less structured comfy fabric.

A room that has been carefully thought out and planned around your lifestyle needs will make entertaining, playing and relaxing all the more enjoyable.

Alan St. John is an interior decorator in New Jersey who understands how the complex task of choosing the best sofa for your interior design will enhance the positive flow of energy in your living space.

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