Why Purchase A Porch Enclosure

Why Purchase A Porch Enclosure

Your home is your castle; it is your personal statement of how you see yourself, your style and even your attitude to life.  This is one of the reasons that many people ensure their house is always clean and tidy.  However, it can be difficult to keep your property clean, especially when the weather is wet and cold.  People rush in and out of your house, leaving coats and shoes by the door; often making it look untidy and leaving a trail of dirt.  One of the best ways of avoiding this issue is by having a porch enclosure.

Porch enclosures are additions to the front or the back of your property; they can be very simple small structures providing you with a means of getting out of the rain, or more impressive structures which can even border on conservatories, have a chair and allow you to watch the world go by.

There are several reasons why you should consider adding this feature; if you do choose to add one you should use the services of a professional porch enclosures firm; such as pioneerwindows.ca.


As mentioned, a porch will help to keep the dirt out of your home.  It allows people to step in out of the rain and remove their shoes, wet coats and any other outside garments.  All these items can be kept in the porch and prevent the dirt and clutter from being brought into the house.  If you are particularly house proud you can even provide slippers for your guests!


One of the easiest ways to lose the heat generated in your home, especially in winter, is to keep opening and closing the door.  The cold air rushes in and the warm air goes out.  A porch can help to prevent this; it will act as an airlock, keeping the cold air outside the house and the warm air in the house; you will notice the difference!  Most modern porch enclosures come with double glazed windows to assist with keeping the house warm, or even cool.

Additional Space

The additional space created may simply relieve the pressure on space inside your home.  However, if you have a large porch enclosure added you may be able to use some of the space for additional storage or even to enjoy watching the world go by.  This addition to your home does not need to be expensive but it can make a big difference to the feel of your home and the spaciousness of it.  Simply being able to store items tidily out of the way can make your home feel larger.


Finally, porch enclosures generally add value and curb appeal to your property.  This may not be an issue now, but should you decide to sell at any point in the future you will find the investment is very worthwhile.  A professional firm such as Pioneer Windows will do a first class job and offer a warranty; this will ensure your additional space fits the style of your property and helps convince any buyer in the future that your property is the one they want.

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