Why To Opt For Penetration Testing?

If you are uncertain about the security level of your company and want to enhance it to maximum level then what you need is a Penetrating Testing. The main purpose of the penetration testing is to identify the weak points in any security system and networks. Furthermore, it helps you to recognize the risks and then measures the impact of these risks as per your business requirements. One question that might be popping in your mind is why should I conduct a penetration test? Here are various reasons that force you to think about penetration testing services for better security:

1. Easy to Identify Security Vulnerabilities

The main aim of the penetration testing is to provide in-depth information on actual, exploitable security threats. By hiring any of the information security companies, you can easily identify which vulnerabilities are insignificant, which are false positives, and most importantly which are critical.

Penetration testing helps in determining the feasibility of a particular set of attack vectors. In addition to this, it identifies the vulnerabilities that may be complicated or impossible to notice with the automated network or application vulnerability scanning software. It also tests the ability of network defenders so as to successfully detect and respond to the attacks.

2. Increase Business Continuity

Generally, business continuity is the prime security concern for many organizations. The breach in business continuity can happen due to various reasons and lack of security is one of them. The insecure systems are more likely to experience a breach than the secured ones. Often, security vulnerabilities produce a denial of service condition which generally crashes the vulnerable service and breaches the availability of server. A well coordinated, carefully planned and mindfully executed penetration testing helps in resolving these issues to much extent.

3. Minimize Client-side Attacks

If you want to minimize client-side attacks against key members of your staff, then pen-test is one of the best options. Those companies ‘only’ assess the security of their servers are more prone to the risk of client-side attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in the software like PDF readers, web browsers, and many more. Therefore, it is quite important to make sure that the patch management processes are working properly.

4. Protect Clients, Partners and Third Parties

A security breach not only affects the target company, but it also affects their partners, clients and third parties working with it. By employing penetration testing and taking the necessary actions towards the security, you can enhance professional relationships that will build up trust and confidence among your clients and partners.

5. Protect Public Relationships

A good public relation builds up during many years and with considerable investment, which can suddenly change due to any security breach. The public perception of a company or brand is quite sensitive to the security issues. These security issues in any organization can have devastating consequences which may take years to repair.

6. Prevent Losses due to Network Failure

In big organizations the cost associated with recovering from the network downtime runs into millions or even billions of dollars. With effective and well planned security assessment, you can prevent the losses in revenue and productivity. By opting penetration testing, you can easily identify and correct the security risks before the network goes down as a result of such, hence, you can save much money by being proactive with the security of your network.

7. Satisfy Regulatory Standards

Most companies have numerous standards and guidelines that they must meet, and if they do not meet these guidelines they will have to face some serious penalties. These fines for non-compliance can be avoided by running penetration testing. This testing allows your firm to satisfy the auditing/compliance regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, PCI and HIPAA. Therefore, by using penetration testing and security assessment techniques, you will be able to capitalize on these benefits and increase the profit margins of your company.

Penetration testing can save millions of your company as well as provide you the peace of mind because you will know various security vulnerabilities of company and can formulate an effective strategy to combat it. There are various penetration testing companies, you can take help from these companies to ensure better security and high profit of your business.

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