Why University Research Should Matter In Your College Search

Why University Research Should Matter In Your College Search

The location of the school, the size of the classes and the programs offered are all features that you’ve looked into during the college-selection process. While these elements are absolutely important, you should also find out what type of research the university has conducted and is currently conducting. Here are some reasons why:

University Reputation

Some say that the name of the school you go to does not have an effect on your future career. In some cases, that is true. However, when you are in highly competitive fields, the school you went can certainly come into play. Institutions that has a reputation for conducting vast and sophisticated research or projects that are relevant to your field will be known by potential employers. By association with an institution they respect will help you tremendously.

Information Available to You

Even if the name of the school does not play a role in your future career, a university that conducts a great deal of research has more to offer to you in terms of education. Essentially, if the professors are well-versed in their field of study, then they are able to present more relevant and better information to you. The research may even be available at the library for you to use in your own projects.

Why University Research Should Matter In Your College Search

Work on Your Interests

In any field that you get into, there will be opportunities to participate in amazing projects at the university that will contribute to your field of work. If you find the research from a university interesting, chances are that you are going to like the opportunities they will provide. For example, clinical laboratory science students at the University of Cincinnati partners with local children’s hospitals to study strains of influenza each year and develop vaccines. If you find that project interesting, then that university might be a match for you.

Current, Relevant Research

When professors create a syllabus and continue to use the same one year after year, never broadening the depth of their own knowledge, then it is difficult for them to bring you the most recent finds in the field. If they are not conducting research and learning, then the material you learn might be stale. In fact, it could have already been proven false.

Available Tools for Your Research

At some point during your college experience, you are likely going to have to conduct extensive research. This pursuit might involve paging through the stacks at the library or heading an experiment in the lab. When universities have resources for professors to conduct research, then they are likely to be able to provide you with the tools that you need to.

Well-Informed and Intellectual Environment

All of the little components of a university help to make up its larger role in the educational world. A school that places an emphasis on research is likely to also care greatly about other elements of education such as implementing technology in the classroom and hiring professors with top-notch credentials.

Clearly, discovering how much research and what type of research the university conducts is conducive to your college search.

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