Why We Can’t Help But Love The Humble Riding Boot

Why We Can’t Help But Love The Humble Riding Boot

Riding boots are an important piece of equipment for horse riders, protecting equestrians both in and out of the saddle.But although they have to fulfil the safety angle, there’s no reason why a riding boot can’t be stylish at the same time. Top quality riding boots are specifically designed to fit comfortably into the stirrup and are made of durable material to protect your feet while riding and working around horses.

The heel stops your feet slipping through the stirrup while you’re riding and will help ensure that if you take a tumble, your foot doesn’t get caught in the stirrup. Their high leather prevents chaffing against your legs from stirrup leathers, making them comfortable, practical and safe for riding and being around horses.

But often, riding boots have the same simplistic design that’s based on functionality rather than fashion. For the discerning rider, finding a riding boot that fits the bill from a protective point of view as well as from a fashion standpoint can be challenging. As riding boots are an investment, it’s essential to get the perfect pair that will last you for years.

Riding boots are popular both for horse riders and in the high street. In fact, riding boots have now been glamorised into a major fashion trend and have been spotted on catwalks across the globe. Loved for their versatility, riding boots exude casual chic, which is why they’re such a hit with A-list celebrities like Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan.

Why We Can’t Help But Love The Humble Riding Boot

The great thing about riding boots is that because they’re especially made to fit snugly around your legs, you won’t have that saggy leg problem that can cause such disappointment when you think you’ve just found the perfect boot. They tend to offer a lovely fit, so they’re great for keeping your legs warm and cosy. Riding boots look fantastic with most outfits. They work well teamed with skirts, jeans or trousers, dresses, or even shorts layered with tights. You can wear them with leggings for a casual look or style it up with a parka jacket.

It’s about time the not-so-humble riding boot had its day and to this end, there’s one company that aims to bring the best riding boots to customers in the UK.

Made-to-Measure Riding Boots

When it comes to stylish boots, the Spanish Boot Company offers an exciting range of riding boots to UK customers. Offering classic designs as well as made-to-measure riding boots, men’s riding boots and much more, the selection at Spanish Boot Company offers style and comfort, whether you’re an equestrian or not.

With these beautiful riding boots, the devil’s in the detail. Riding boots from the Spanish Boot Company are lovingly crafted, incorporating fine stitching details and stylish designs. Why go for the same old riding boot when you can choose quality leather riding boots from Spain?

The Spanish Boot Company brings a range of stunning riding boots to customers in the UK. Shop for your next pair of stylish riding boots today.

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