Why You Should Use Facebook Pages Application?

Everyone is an expert when it comes to creating profiles or fan pages on Facebook but very few keep up with the latest upgrades Facebook offers. While most of the users are busy getting annoyed by the ever-evolving user interface, there are some people who understand these upgrades and use them to their advantage. One of the latest upgrades is on the Facebook Pages application. Facebook Pages application allows you to access important data from your page quickly and has all the functionality for managing your page.

Some of the reasons you need to use this application instead of the usual Facebook mobile application to manage your page are as follows:

  • The user interface of the application is optimized for mobiles. The default screen of the application has a cropped version of your cover photo followed by the number of likes and an option to invite your friends. This option can come handy if you are promoting your page. It also shows the posts on your page. You can also  Buy Targeted Facebook Fans  for your page; to effortlessly increase its reach on Facebook.
  • It provides you the functionality to manage all the basic functions for your page. The navigation bar at the bottom of each screen gives you easy access to different page data. The first page like icon takes you to the default page and the second lightning icon provides access to notifications, likes, messages and page reach.
  • This application offers you an easy option for creating and scheduling updates. Clicking on the pen and paper icon in the middle of the navigation bar shows different options for page posts. These options include text, photo, video and event update. The scheduling updates feature allows you to post a certain update at the specified time.
  • The bar graph icon on the navigation bar provides you a quick overview of your page insights. It shows the total number of likes, new page likes, total reach, post reach and people engaged. This data gives you a vivid picture of your page’s activity.
  • You can reply to the comments of fans on your page and have the responses saved in a thread for each comment. This makes managing conversations a lot easier.
  • You can edit your previous posts by clicking on the upside down arrow which then shows the option for editing a post. This is one convenient feature as you can easily correct a mistake in your post from your cell phone.

In short this intuitive application is the solution to all the problems you faced in accessing your page through the Facebook mobile application. So get hold of it and efficiently manage your page on the go!

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