Why You Should Use React Native For Mobile App Development?

Why You Should Use React Native For Mobile App Development?

It was the summer of 1983 in Aspen at the International Design Conference when the legendary Steve Jobs predicted that “software would be downloaded over the phone.” It could not have been more prophetic. Applications or apps as it is called, trace back its history to The Psion Organizer and later to the Apple App Store. The iconic mobile phone maker, Apple introduced the first 500 apps in 2008, through its App Store. Since then, we have seen exponential growth in the usage of mobile apps. As per Statista, the total number of mobile application downloads worldwide was as much as 218 billion in 2021.

In the ever-increasing mobile application market, the Apps making waves also rule the roost. Between 2017 and 2022 the spending on mobile applications nearly doubled to reach USD 34 billion. Most of the apps belong to the JavaScript-based framework called React Native. Pioneered by Facebook, React Native App Development is now widely used for its simplicity and quick iterations. It is preferred by 42% of companies worldwide, with the biggest names like Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Bloomberg and Wix, making up the number. But why do these companies use React Native among the many options or rather you should use React Native for mobile app development, let’s find out.

Top reasons to choose React Native for Mobile App Development

  • Save time and money 

The biggest advantage of React Native is that developers do not need to write codes separately for the iOS and Android platforms, reducing the cost of building applications considerably. 

This is especially helpful for start-ups who have tight budgets for app development. The development team well versed with JavaScript programming can alone handle the development as the knowledge of other languages such as C++ and Swift are not needed. 

  • Faster mobile app development

The framework is operated on a single code that encompasses JavaScript and React making the app design and development quick. The open-source platform offers free-to-use software that can be published and modified, including the UI (user interface). The reusability also lends to the use of the existing application codes for new app development, which makes the whole process faster.  

  • Real-time troubleshooting

React Native offers a key feature called ‘Hot Reload’, that provides a real-time preview of the codes written by the developers. Any changes in the code have an immediate effect, which also aids in making the app bug-free and taking necessary trouble shooting measures in case you encounter a problem. The feature lets you make selective changes rather than reloading the whole application. Whereas, the ‘Live Reload’ feature reloads the entire app after tweaks are made.

  • Third-party plug-in support 

React Native users who feel the platform is inadequate to accommodate all of their needs can simply use plug-in support to access third-party applications and enhance the app.  React Native supports JavaScript and Native-based third-party plug-ins. 

  • Large community of React Native Developers

The React Native open library is among the top three most used libraries, which helps the developers keep up with the recent developments and trends. You can seek help from developers on Reddit and StackOverflow, to overcome glitches or simply get guidance on codes. 

Most of the popular testing tools like Jest, Enzyme, Chai, and Mocha are available readily that help software engineers to write and test nearly bug-free codes.

  • Easy user interface

A declarative style of writing codes, which addresses the question of what the program must do instead makes React Native flexible and understandable for developers. The pre-built declarative components, such as Picker, Button, Slider, Switch help you to create an attractive user interface. It also offers the ability to make your own components with TouchableNativeFeedback and TouchableOpacity. 

  • Modular architecture 

Modular architecture lets you create separate modules for each functionality. The advantage is that different tasks based on functionality can be assigned to team members, and one can view or work on each other’s projects. The intuitive modular architecture is beneficial in quick upgrades and updates as required. In addition, the modular architecture allows you to use APIs (Application Programming Interface) that work both with web and mobile.

  • Easy to learn 

Developers who are well versed with JavaScript can learn the React Native coding pretty fast. There is no need to learn a new programming language to be able to build React Native Application for mobile. Moreover, the large community of developers’ platforms help in knowledge sharing and overcoming programming challenges. 

  • Low memory utilization

The React Native mobile applications generally use very low space on all the platforms due to cross-bridge linking. The cross-bridge linking offers the benefit of executing the codes even during the run time of the application. 

  •  Superior Performance

All React Native apps provide at par Native experience for the end users. The components of  React Native map 1:1 with native development. It helps developers to build interfaces faster and provide a genuine native feel.  As the framework uses ReactJS and UI library, it seamlessly transfers virtual DOM thereby improving the  performance of the app with  a simple programming process. 

Why Hire React Native developers from Ecosmob 

India-based Ecosmob Technologies is a leading IT company providing a host of software development and IT consulting services. The React Native programmers at Ecosmob build best-in-class solutions with intuitive user interfaces. Our web developers have rich experience in cross-platform mobile applications. Ecosmob carries out a complete assessment of business, operational and technical requirements then puts in place a handpicked team, best suitable to address the issues. The key competencies of our developers include:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • App reengineering and migration
  • Solid understanding of Redux, Mobx, and MST
  • Proficiency in full -cycle React Native development
  • Expertise in server-side API development
  • Rich experience in-app migration

Ecosmob follows the agile process and provides complete authorization of the source code. We make the hiring process easy for companies with a flexible approach entailing post-deployment services, transparent pricing, and quick communication.

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