Why Your Truck Suspension System Is The Most Vital System

When you converse regarding a truck in front of people, they normally ponder the horsepower, acceleration, model, and etc. However, they don’t think about the most vital system – The Suspension. They don’t perceive that all the other things don’t matter if the suspension of a truck is not well; you can’t even control your vehicle without it… Therefore, when the professional automobile engineers realized that suspension system is the most vital system in any vehicle, they turned their special attention towards it…

If you own a truck, you probably already know something regarding the truck’s suspension, but most people don’t know an iota about it; they assume that it’s all about how your truck goes up and down and handle the driving on the rough and rocky roads. However, the more you study, and perceive the different components and suspension systems, you realize that, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

The suspension is, actually, made up of several parts that can differ depending on the type of suspension system. But, normally, a suspension system includes a frame, coil springs, leaf springs, dampers including struts, anti-sway, and, most importantly, the shock absorbers. And, besides, the interesting thing is, you can also build your own particular suspension system by combining any of these parts.

How does it Work in a Truck?

The function of a suspension system in a truck is that it increases the friction between the tires and the road surface to the maximum. And, because of this, the truck provides steering ability with good handling. Besides, it also ensures comfort of the driver and the passengers… And, since the handling is good, there is not a massive chance of accident, until, of course, you’re drunk.

The suspension system of a truck has an immensely important job; it keeps the journey smooth while maintaining excellent control. This may sound simple, but, in reality, it’s not. Because, there is a million-dollar detail in this entire process that impels it to work like that – perfectly. For instance: The acceleration produces force, which is another name of energy. So, when you accelerate your truck on the road, your truck uses forward energy powerfully. But, when it hits some bump, the forward energy turns into the vertical energy, and, 90 percent of the time, cause immense damages, or sign the death warrants of people. In addition, if the bump isn’t that much dangerous, it would still cause some damage, because when your truck would embrace the vertical energy, and bounce back, it would hit the road with the greater force; you would feel like you’re riding in hell.

Now, this is where your suspension system comes and secures you; there is nothing to worry if you’ve a proper working suspension system in the truck. It secures you when you hit something bumpy and doesn’t let your truck jump off the road; it keeps the friction between the tires and the road and pass the bump rather well, and comfortably.

Telltale Signs of Improperly Working Suspension System

The issue is that the engine of a vehicle constantly gets the attention, especially when you change the oil. However, unlike engine, the suspension system is harder to judge, visually. Therefore, it’s harder to canvass its betraying signs as well. Furthermore, if, somehow, you don’t recognize the fault of the suspension on time, there is a good chance that you would embrace costly issue that would challenge your pockets… So, I’ve arranged a few special tips that would help you to catch unacceptably working suspension system, and save you a lot of money as well… So, are you ready to pull your socks up?

  • Car Dips Forward: No, your vehicle won’t flip over, like it’s in some action movie. So, don’t worry about it. It’s a common issue, especially in large vehicles, like trucks, SUVs, Hybrid cars, and etc. It happens because the shock absorber, or the strut, starts working inappropriately in your vehicle’s suspension. In a way, they don’t properly handle the weight of the vehicle. Therefore, when you apply brakes, the front of your vehicle dips toward the ground, and give you somewhat uncomfortable feelings.
  • The “Body Roll” Feeling: We use this term – Body Roll – to define a feeling. It’s a feeling which we experience when the overall movement of a vehicle becomes weird because of the bad suspension system. When the suspension doesn’t work properly, then even on the slightest turns, the body experiences a leaning feel, like a “Body Roll”.
  • Front End Lifts More: If your vehicle has more than a few hundred horsepower, it’s utterly normal; the weight of your vehicle, from the front, would raise a tad with the strength of the acceleration. However, if the suspension isn’t working properly, then upon applying acceleration from a dead stop, the momentum would transfer to the rear end, which would cause the front end of a vehicle to lift more than usual in the air… In case you experience something like this, don’t feel happy like you’ve become the Vin Diesel of ‘Fast and the Furious’. Instead, ponder getting your suspension system fixed.
  • Quality is Not Good: The damaged suspension system affects the overall quality of the ride; you would feel that your vehicle is more bouncy and rougher than before. If you’re a professional driver, it won’t be tough for you to recognize this. However, if you’re a new guy, and only drive a particular vehicle, then it’s better to put your vehicle under inspection, and get the suspension of the vehicle checked up, in case you feel that something isn’t right, or the quality isn’t like before. Though, it’s tough to get this in smaller vehicles, but in large vehicles, you can spot the difference rather easily.

Concluding Thoughts

A suspension system is created when springs absorb shock upon hitting a bump and soften the impact of the rest of the truck. Without suspension, you would feel each crack of the road, since there would be nothing to absorb the impact. In fact, you won’t be able to control the truck properly, even if you’re a professional driver. Therefore, if I say, the suspension system is the most vital system of any vehicle. To find the highest quality suspension parts, including Air Bag Kits and more, check out www.sdtrucksprings.com, an authority in the industry for over 40 years! Special pricing and coupons are available almost year round.

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