Will Reggie Bush Play Against the Eagles?

It is unclear as this time if the running back for the Detroit Lions, Reggie Bush, will actually be able to play in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles that is coming up in Week Fourteen. Bush injured his calf recently and now all bets are off as the fans and everyone else, try to figure out just what is going to happen in this very important game in the 14th week of the regular season. The news broke from a senior writer with the Lions, Tim Twentyman. He said that during the warmup practice, it looked like Reggie Bush slipped and hurt his ankle once again. That is bad news for the Detroit Lions because it is too late to replace Bush at this juncture.

bushIf Reggie Bush isn’t able to play, it will be a major problem for Detroit. The running game is going to be a major factor in the Week Fourteen game on Sunday between the Lions and the Philadelphia Eagles. If Bush is truly going to be out with his ankle injured once again, then the Lions would need to use Joique Bell instead. The incident happened in warm up, but according to the reporter that had been covering the scene, Bush did run out with his team before the game. But the status is as yet unclear. It is very likely that Reggie Bush will go ahead and try to make it happen anyway.

Reporters are speculating that Bush will try to play, despite his injury, but some have reported that he will be sitting out during the first quarter of the game. He has been marked questionable, as far as playing in the game at all. For Fantasy Football, owners that were counting on Bush to take them to a playoff win are looking for an alternate. Since it would be impossible to replace him, it is everyone’s hope that he is better by game time.

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