WixStores – Robust eCommerce Website Builder Provides Tools For Creating Your Online Store

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If you want to build an interactive, beautiful website, we recommend you choose WixStores. It is a great ecommerce website builder that helps you build a professional website without any prior coding knowledge. WixStores, especially, works great for designers, photographers, musicians, hospitality and restaurant based businesses and other small businesses.

WixStores has a lot of great advantages over other ecommerce website builders on the web, especially for monetizing your website; it supports PayPal. You can also place “Buy” button for PayPal on any page. If you have some music, apps or video to sell in store now, you can also do the same for iTunes buttons. It also allows you add a video or photo.

WixStores also provides a lot of other features for creating your online store. To have full access to WixStores, you need to purchase a premium plan. Your best bet is to choose the yearly plans, but monthly plans are also available.  The yearly plans are either the VIP premium plan that costs $24.92/month or the eCommerce premium plan that costs $16.17/month.

With WixStores you can add your own shopping cart and product galleries to your online store. All the product pages you build here will be highly customizable and you can add up to 20 photos for each product. Via the WixStores store manager you can manage your entire store. It allows you to provide discount coupons and organize products into collections.

It has different payment options such as: PayPal, and credit cards. Or you can also add offline payment options. You can enable or disable product display, manage inventory and also provide color and size options. You are allowed to provide shipping rules without any integration with UPS, FedEx and USPS or any shipping-label printing.

WixStores – Robust eCommerce Website Builder Provides Tools For Creating Your Online Store

Promote Your eCommerce Website

WixStores allows you add subtle, Tweet and Like buttons to the content. On My Account, click on “Grow Your Business” tab to access SEO services, site-promotion ads and newsletter services.  It comes with newsletter tools (also known as WixShoutOut) that is available for free to create a nice email message with buttons and pictures.

Building Mobile Site

It provides lots of control on the appearance of your mobile site. At the top left of the editor there you can select between the desktop editor, and mobile editor. By click on the mobile editor, you to switch to the mobile site view. It lets you show/hide elements of pages or entire page. The mobile sites created by WixStores look amazing on all mobile devices.

Website Statistics

Unfortunately, WixStores lacks tools for site statistics. However, you can set up an account in Google Analytics if you have a custom domain and premium plan. The premium plan you purchase includes a free domain name subscription for 1 year.

The Final Say

WixStores allows the users to build a fully functional ecommerce website. It provides a lot of third-party integration tools and customization options among several website builders and services like Adwords, PayPal, iTunes and more. You can also individually tweak your mobile website. All of the third-party integration and customizability options are provided to provide more flexibility and ease of use. Here, you can customize and make changes to your site and make it more happening without any complex coding requirements.

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