Your Guide To Seasonal and Festival Decoration All Around The Year

Your Guide To Seasonal and Festival Decoration All Around The Year

Many people are a fan of decorating their houses according to the occasions, festivals and seasons. However, even after incorporating best and innovative ideas and expensive decorations they can not seem to get the perfect look. Before decorating your house according to the seasonal and festival decorations, you should consider the interior of your house. The only fancy decorative material is not enough when it comes to perfecting the decoration game.

This post is the guide for you to perfect your house decoration throughout the year with the help of interior design tools.

Paint Your House Neutral

If you try to put fall decorations on a purple wall it doesn’t look too good. Sometimes, it might even look inappropriate. However, a wall with neutral colors like; white, grey and earth tones can complement any decor. The best way to enhance any kind of decoration is keeping the walls neutral and crisp. It complements your decoration form every season and every festival and makes all the decoration stand out.

Minimal and Customizable Furniture

The gigantic and colorful furniture might look pleasing to the eye and compliment your room but it is not much you can do with it when it comes to decorating your house for occasions. Just like the color of your walls, the furniture also makes your decoration look odd and unattractive. Imagine a red and gold Christmas garland over a blue headboard. Depending on the overall theme of the room and your personal choice, it might look good but among interior designers, it is common knowledge that the neutral colored furniture would flatter your Christmas decoration more than colored decoration.

Bring in the Colors

By keeping the theme of your house neutral and natural while designing the interior provides your greater opportunity to bring in different types of colors and decorations every season, occasion or even every other month. Neutrality in the interior design acts as a blank canvas so that you can incorporate colors in the form of decorations. For example; you can add floral prints, colorful art, garlands and vases in the springtime. In the fall the same decorations can be replaced with fall palettes.

Bedding and Curtains

Luckily, bedding and curtains are not permanent like wall paint and furniture.  Therefore, you have countless choices when it comes to bedding and curtains of the house. Like art and decorations, you can change the bed covers, curtains, cushions and other fabrics of the entire house. This allows you to change the theme and palette of your house throughout the year.

In Essence

To perfect the art of decoration to your house for a very occasion and emerging seasons, you should start at the core, that is, interior design. You should rethink and redesign your house around a neutral color theme if you are a decoration fanatic.  A neutral color theme can provide a blank canvas to all of your vibrant and inventive decoration ideas as neutral colors can complement every other vibrant and festive color. Planning your whole house including paint and furniture can sound boring and disastrous but keep in mind that this is only advisable to those who prefer to incorporate new decoration each season and occasion.

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