All About Coronary Bypass Graft

CABG in medical terms is used to treat diseases of the coronary artery. It would indicate that the coronary arteries are narrowed where the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart are restricted in terms of function. This arises due to fatty deposits and with the help of this surgery exercise capability is improved, chest pain is reduced and your life is enhanced. The common symptoms of this disorder are fatigue, chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath. Sadly there are no major symptoms associated with this disorder, and it will continue to progress till sufficient blockage of the arteries is detected.

The causes

The main causes of coronary heart disease arise due to the following factors

  • The major reason is smoking  , hypertension, history of diabetes in the family and lack of any major type of physical activity
  • Stress or tension accompanied by the fact that you are 20 % more than your ideal body weight

The diagnosis along with a series of tests

Evolving around your family and medical history the doctor is going to evaluate the exact reason of coronary heart disease. A detailed physical exam is conducted to figure out the exact causes of the disease. They may recommend a series of tests that include

  • Blood tests as this is going to confirm where special enzymes do exist that is being released by the heart muscles
  • EKG or X rays of the chest
  • Stress exercise test
  • If any of the above tests come out positive, then a cardiac catheterization may be called for in order to demonstrate and figuring out the reasons for the narrowing down of the arteries
  • After all this the doctor may recommend you for a  coronary bypass surgery

The preparations

This surgery does involve a series of procedures that are illustrated below

  • The doctor is expected to have a detailed discussion about the procedure with the patient
  • The doctor would like to known about the complete medical history of the patient. They may be subject to a complete physical examination , blood tests along with a series of other tests to make sure of the fact that you are in sound health before the procedure
  • The patient is not allowed to eat anything 8 to 12 hours before the surgery
  • The patient should notify the doctor if he is suffering from any bleeding disorder or is into any form of medications that does take a toll with regards to blood clotting. Before the surgery some of the medications would need to be stopped
  • If you are into smoking you should stop it as soon as a surgery is announced. Your overall health is improved and the recovery time tends to be on the shorter side

Cabg surgery cost in India is considered to be the lowest in the world. When you compare it to the advanced countries of the world savings to the margin of 50 % is achieved. This is taking into consideration that the quality of treatment is of the highest standards.


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