Europe Seems To Resurface

Europe Seems To Resurface

We have already seen published the General Index of Industrial Production (IPI ) in Spain for the month of September and the results could not be more encouraging. With a climb that is about 3.5% is a good example of what has been experiencing in recent months with regard to non-durable consumption.

The truth is that, compared to the slow growth in August, which stood at 0.3%, the September results that are in the 1% annual growth show that production in Spain is stringing good months, regardless of seasonal indicator itself, and give hope to a slow but steady recovery in the sector .

But this is just one more indication of the time it comes to Europe. Spain is just one example, as Germany has also improved their latest data exports, especially to countries outside the euro area, giving us the choice to leave for a while aside the shadow of a setback in the economic recovery of the EU.

Europe Seems To Resurface

Observers in the area, among which are Versus Wealth ManagementGoldman Sachs and JP Morgan, augur a very good 2015 for investors to put their views on the countries of the European Union, but assume that the advance that will happen during the coming months is complicated as the volatility that are suffering all international scenery.

The truth is that America has long been showing a in an stronger way than this area, despite the shadow that has been carrying the last few months, see how the measures introduced by the European Central Bank have helped to counter the slowdown in the recovery and the slowdown. Hence possibly medium term, it is a perfect place to come to talk about a market and a stable currency scenario .

In fact, with the anticipation that the US Federal Reserve will remove expansionary measures put into place long before other countries such as Japan and the European Central Bank itself, it is clear that other markets will benefit also with the new American policy, becoming even more competitive than it.

Markets, moreover, have a lot to expect for next year, including higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve is expected next and the results that will push Europe with the new Banking Union since economic measures best draft have already started and just need to wait to find out their results.

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