Google Overtakes Apple As World's Top Brand

Google Overtakes Apple As World’s Top Brand

Google is one of the search engine operators or internet searcher all over the world. This Google takes more competition to the all over the world. Also Millward Brown is the best market researchers all over the globe. The Millward Brown said Google has been taken competition of technology to the Apple. And the Apple is the one of the top most brands throughout the world as far as worth.

Millward Brown also said the Google brand value strike up to 40 percent for every cent in the year to $158.84 billion and it is equal to 115 billion Euros as one of the top 100 brands reports in the year 2014.

Benoit Tranzer, who is chief executive of the Millward Brown France, stated that Google has been exceedingly great in this with the packs of Google Glass, ventures in the artificial intelligence, extent of associations and a range of partnerships”.

Google Glass links to the internet based organizations, which are coupled with Luxottica. These are used to sell the new product throughout the United States with the brands of Ray-Ban and other high-end brands. Google Glass has eagerly offered to the new item in the United States.

As per the Tranzer” these activities convey the message properly to consumers around the substance of Google“.

The apple is there in the top level position for the last three years; this brand value seems to be falling down 20 percent, which is valued up to $147.88 billion.

US organizations overlook the top 10 of the 100 slots. With $107.54 billion IBM is there in the third position, by the downfall of 4 percent, Microsoft was there in the next position with the $90.19 billion. As per the percent wise Microsoft is followed to the IBM.

McDonald is one of the best nutrient strings, which is there in the next position with $85.71 billion. Coca-Cola is there in the next position and follows to the McDonald with $80.68 billion.

Insurance sector in China has taken the next place, and the value of Ping is $12.4 billion, China life takes another position with $12 billion.

Louis Vuitton is ranked with the next and 30th position, which is the top brand and good goods manufacturers in a luxurious way with value of may be greater than $25 billion.

This brand value is calculated on the ground work of the organizations and based on the financial matters and finally convenience of the customers.

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