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House Hunting On The Go- Android App Review

Shifting to a new city or getting transferred to a new state is not a very uncommon phenomenon. But with the shifting, comes plethora of difficult tasks and finding a house is the most difficult and tedious job. Successfully finding a house suiting one’s budget and requirements was no less than winning a battle in the olden times! But not anymore, with penetration of internet and smartphones in our regular life, life has become a cakewalk! And thanks to’s app, house finding is now a child’s play!’s application has everything which an ideal property search portal would need. From a user friendly interface to no nonsense straight to topic webpages, the app would ensure that your thirst of finding the right and the best house for yourself is quenched. Shifting to a new city will make you feel like a person trapped in a maze, but worry not since the site has property map which will place your property on the map and give you the perfect idea about the vicinity and your surroundings. The app gives you ample options for your budget and requirements to choose the right property for you be it in form of rental house, pg or hostel, new projects, lands, plot project or houses.

Even if the procedure looks tedious or you are out of time, it provides you an easy option of posting you r requirements and it will get back to you in some time with the most suitable options. Besides, you can also list your property for sale, rent or lease. It gives you the option of agents which are certified by the site and also the option of home loans which are not so easy to acquire but with, it becomes an easy task

Reading this will light a bell that this app has nothing new and there are several other apps in the vast Google play store which provide similar services. So what makes outstand the crowd and attract the masses? The ease of access of content and several options regarding the same. There are sites like,, olx, quikr etc. which provide the same service or can find property. But at, the bucket full of options is the unique option. From new property to old house on rent, it will fulfil your need. Let’s take an example, if I want to search about new projects in Gurgaon, I will simply have to select Gurgaon as city and select new project option in, whereas if I am using 99acres or magicbricks, I will have to search in the search bar as to new projects in Gurgaon and several results will come at several localities. In, I can also narrow down the results to a particular locality of Gurgaon and facilitate my search with better options of convenience. Sites like and also provide search results but they are not as vast as, after all, a specialist is way better at his job then an all-rounder!

Therefore, is the best property search portal and has every vital ingredient to fulfil your dream of living at your dream home. So whenever in house search, log on to to find your dream destination with ease and happiness! Go to your dream house with, the site with real photos and real locations! Property search portal of this kind has really made house finding as easy as 1…2…3 and done! So log in, find out and step in!

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