How Do I Pick The Right Breed Of Dog For My Family?

How Do I Pick The Right Breed Of Dog For My Family?

So, you have finally decided to add a new family member to the mix.  Now comes the most important part of all: deciding on a dog breed that fits your family and the reasons why you are looking for a dog.

What are Some Reasons that might make Me want a Particular Breed?

  • Do you want a Dog with a Lot of Energy that keeps your Busy?

?    When looking at your dog breeds, keep in mind that certain breeds, such as labrador retrievers and cocker spaniels, are very high energy and require a great deal of attention from their owners.  If you are looking for a dog that enjoys being played with, taken for long walks, going to the dog park, and spending lots of time with you and the family, pick a dog that is known for their high energy.

  • Are you looking for a Watch Dog, or Protector?

?    The dogs most known for being protectors and watch dogs are dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and Doberman Pincers.  While these dogs can sometimes get a bad reputation for being aggressive, they are often loyal to their owners.  It is your responsibility as a responsible dog owner to teach your dog what the right and wrong ways to be protective are.  Do not allow your dog to be aggressive with people that you know, and do not teach them to be aggressive, and your dog will be a loving and loyal protector of your house and your family.
How Do I Pick The Right Breed Of Dog For My Family?

  • Do you want a Lap Dog that will Serve as a Comfort and Friend to your Family?

?    Smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and any breed of spaniel are known for being great lap pets.  While they can still have a lot of energy and require a lot of care because of their smaller bladders, they are the first to want to crawl into your lap and relax when you need comforting.

  • Do you want a Dog that is Easily Trained and can be used as a Therapy Dog or for another purpose?

?    When training my small breed dog, I was told that it was easier to train larger dogs.  Dogs that are commonly easy to train are retrievers, German Shepherds, and other large dog breeds.  Smaller dogs can be harder to train, especially with potty training. If you are looking for a therapy dog, you will need to consider the dog’s disposition and all of the training that comes along with this process.

If I Pick a Particular Breed of Dog, am I Guaranteed to get the Same Result No Matter What?

You absolutely will not get the same result with each dog.  Dogs are just like humans-they have their own personal traits that come from their life experiences.  If you have a dog that is high energy, but you surround them with a peaceful environment and give them a great deal of attention, they will be more calm than if they were in an environment with high levels of stimulation.  In addition, picking a dog that has a bad reputation, such as a pit bull, could prove to be a positive experience.  Dogs are very effected by the environments that they are raised in, and even the dogs that are labeled the most aggressive can be the sweetest, most loyal pets if they are given the right attention and love.
Here are some of the characteristics of your dog breeds that can help you choose which dog breed is right for you and your family.  It is a huge decision and one that should not be made lightly.  Include your family members in the decision and visit the dog to spend time with him or her before choosing.  You want this to be the forever home for the best interest of your family and the dog.

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