How To Encourage Yourself To Exercise At Home?

How To Encourage Yourself To Exercise At Home?

Many people including professional athletes sometimes struggle to find motivation to turn a regular day into a workout session. Sweating more sounds easy enough, but it is always the case that something crucial is missing; a lack of willpower. In order to overcome such situation and still get the best out of your day, think about your health and staying healthy. If that does not motivate you enough to spend a few hours on a great workout, nothing else will. Here are a few tricks to keep you motivated even in the darkest of times.

How To Encourage Yourself To Exercise At Home?

Reward and Recognition

If better health and staying fit does not motivate you enough to keep going day after day, there are a few ways of cheating your brain into cooperating. Once you are done with your workout, simply reward yourself with something. Whether it is a smoothie or a hot bath, it does not matter as long as it makes you happy and satisfied. Also, talk to yourself and encourage yourself to keep going while at the same time praising your achievements. There is no better way of staying motivated, and by tricking your brain in such manner, the next day will be even easier.

Create a Commitment Contract

Nothing wakes up that feeling of necessity as does signing a contract. In this case, you will be the one creating and signing it. The best way to do it is in front of your friends and family members as witnesses. If you feel like going extreme, pledge to give someone of your friends $10 every time you skip your exercise. Committing to do something over and over again can be a very difficult task, but once you are properly motivated to constantly improve yourself, nothing will stop you from succeeding.

How To Encourage Yourself To Exercise At Home?

You do not need a Gym

Many people believe that going to the gym is the only “proper” way of exercise. They are super wrong for believing that. There are many things you can do at home and still accomplish your goals and have amazing results. One of those things is doing a full body weight circuit. It is an exercise consisting of repetition, and it affects your cardio, shoulders, traps, quads, glutes, core, pecs and scapular retractors. Basically, everything you need to do it do exercises one after another, and once you finish them all, take a minute to rest. Rinse and repeat. Another great way is doing laps in lap pools. Swimming is a great exercise, and it hits all your muscle groups while at the same time keeping you healthy and strong. Swimming on a weekly basis is recommended by many experts, therefore it should be done as many times as you can.

Set Clear Goals

It is very important to set achievable goals, but always remember to start small. For instance, set your first goal at 20 kilometers, and run it in one week. It seems quite achievable, does it not? Also, make sure to reward yourself every time you achieve, and after that set a new goal. These short-term goals are the things that keep you going, and once you achieve them one by one, you will enter a stage of constant progression and your brain will hunger for more victories and many other bountiful rewards standing at the end of the tunnel. DO not set any long term goals such as losing 60 pounds, for those might discourage you and lower your motivation even further. Start small, but dream big.

Finding proper motivation can be a challenge, but once you create a habit, the days of no worrying shall swiftly follow. Remember to follow these steps, and apply every piece of quality advice you get for the challenge is right ahead of you.

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