How to Rid Yourself of Roaches for Good

How to Rid Yourself of Roaches for Good
Cockroaches are resilient and hardy insects. They carry harmful bacteria like salmonella and streptococcus in addition to asthma-inducing allergens. For these reasons, discovering that your home or office has a roach infestation can be quite distressing. Thankfully, here are multiple ways to effectively rid your property of roaches.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach

One eco-friendly way to eliminate roaches is to combine equal parts powdered boric acid, white flour and sugar. Place the dry mixture beneath the refrigerator, in cracks and crevices in walls, under the kitchen sink, and anywhere else you have noticed roaches crawling around. The pests will eagerly consume the sugar along with the poisonous borax and die off.
A downside to this approach is that it may take weeks before the roach population begins to noticeably decline. Also, it is not recommended for pets or small children to consume this mildly toxic mixture, so extra care should be taken when either is present.

Insecticide Sprays

A variety of roach sprays exist on the market. These are highly potent and will usually kill bugs on contact. These toxic sprays often keep roaches away for up to 12 weeks, so spraying them on walls and baseboards will turn away roaches, but reapplication is often necessary. Please note that roach sprays are highly toxic and should not be used around pets and children. You may want to use these outside of your home rather than in highly trafficked areas.

Close Gaps in Home

Roaches enter your home through the many gaps and cracks that inevitably show up. Be vigilant locating and sealing any gaps in your foundation, under doors, around windows and any locations where piping and electrical wiring enter your home.

Seek Professional Help

For fast, lasting results, eliciting the help of professionals can be very beneficial. Whether you need roach control in Indianapolis or elsewhere in the U.S., you can find specialists that will customize an effective disinfestation plan for your home or business. These companies will generally set up an onsite assessment of your roach problem. An added incentive to seeking professional help is the post-disinfestation warranty, ensuring that the roaches will not return. And if they do, so will the pest control experts.

Keep It Clean

Once the roaches have been evicted, keeping a very clean home or office is a great way to ensure that your property remains insect-free. Roaches are not picky when it comes to eating, so take extra care to keep counters and other surfaces free from crumbs and food waste, and even clean the grease from your stove tops. Placing mothballs in cabinet corners is an effective deterrent for roaches because they intensely dislike the smell of naphthalene. Eliminate leaks from pipes and faucets, as cockroaches prefer moist places to live.
Roaches are unsightly and unwanted guests, but with a little patience and perseverance, they can be eliminated. Find an elimination method, whether starvation, insecticide or green methods, and then take care to maintain a household that is inhospitable to these creatures. These steps will help you rid yourself of those roaches.

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