Importance Of Immune System

Virtually, each one of us has virus and bacteria in and on our body, no matter how healthy we are. In fact, the number of bacteria in our body could be four times more than the actual living tissue cells. It means, we are an ecosystem teeming with microorganisms. Bacteria aren’t only found in our digestive system, but also our tissues. There are human behaviours that can spread microorganisms.

Handshakes and kisses could easily transfer virus and bacteria among people. Only a small percentage of these germs could cause direct diseases, while most are harmless and some cause less significant symptoms, such as slight weakness and fatigue.

Importance Of Immune System

In fact, many diseases have been associated with microorganisms, such as cancer and liver problems. This is the reason why we should discuss more about our immune system. Our immune system is probably the best defence against harmful microorganisms. The first layer of defence is our skin and it keeps most bad organisms from reaching our exposed tissue and muscles.

Many people seek immune-strengthening products to keep them stronger during stressful days or cold outbreaks. There are many things that can impair our immune systems, most common causes are improper rest, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Each one of us should be concerned about imbalanced, weakened and dampened immune system. As we get older, our immune system begins to degrade and that’s the reason why elderly are more vulnerable to infectious diseases. This means, as we are older; it is important to keep our immune system boosted. Unfortunately, many adults neglect the importance of corrective actions that require changes in lifestyle and diet plans.

We should have the knowledge and information on proper ways to boost our immunity. If we suspect that we may have potentially infectious virus, we should take immediate steps. While it is probably already too late to avoid catching a cold at this stage, we could still rest well and eat properly to speed up our recovery.

Regularly going to organic stores and purchase nutritious veggies and fruits is obviously a good thing. However, we should be aware of other things that can worsen our condition. People who live in urban areas are more likely to be exposed to chemicals. Even if we decide to walk to work, the polluted air could cause irritation and inflammation, a situation where bacteria thrive. We are still more likely to have sore throat than those who live in the mountains, where cars can access the steep, narrow tracks.

There’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves from microorganism exposure when we live in urban areas. We need to meet with people and make physical contacts. The best thing we should do is to prevent a situation where we simply don’t have the immunity. No matter how strong we are, it is likely for us to get infected. Even the youngest and the bravest will succumb to infectious diseases sometimes. That’s the reason why we should keep our immune system aggressive against potential micro-intruders.

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