Marketing Tips For Today’s Tech-Savvy Consumer

Marketing Tips For Today’s Tech-Savvy Consumer

A successful marketer is a one who puts him or herself in the shoes of the consumer. If your marketing tactic(s) don’t instigate your interest, it probably won’t with your target buyer. This applies especially when marketing to tech-products towards today’s plugged-in, millennial-consumer. Trying to reach this demographic takes more than just modern promotional strategies, such as inbound marketing. It takes a combination of relevant topics, creative thinking, unique storytelling and/or effectual content positioning to truly grab and never let go of their interest. 

Engaged Consumers = Savvy Consumers

Capturing the interest of Generation Y—or people born in the ‘80s and ‘90s—has to be well thought and carefully crafted in order to safeguard your product’s survival. American millennials account for more than 20 percent of today’s consumer spending, which is a staggering number considering that this population is only now graduating college and entering the workforce. So, think outside the box, personalize your messaging, customize your buyer’s options (, research which channels of communication relate best with your product and your consumer—because this new demographic is not only wiser, but larger than ever before.

Social Media: Learn to Love it, Love to use it

Public relations and marketing are now more than ever best used together. Generally speaking, social media embodies everything that is this monumental shift in modern advertising. An average, American millennials will utilize social media before purchasing by way of:

  • Communicating with current consumers
  • Following product update and/or newsworthiness
  •  Researching competitors on different SM pages
  • Discovering your other channels of communication (e.g., blogs, Yelp, etc.).

Generation Y consumers want to be informed on how to make their lives better, so, personalize your products’ social media strategies to match their needs and wants—and most importantly—how it promises to effect their life. Remember, timing is EVERYTHING. There is always the right and wrong way to message your social media marketing and PR content. Be conscious, informed and ready to provide answers to difficult questions. And finally, spread newsworthy information before it outspreads you.

Avoid Overwhelming Consumer with Back and White Strategies

From televisions to electronic billboards, from Smartphones to airplanes—marketing content is everywhere. Needless to say, tech-savvy consumers are well aware of this, and frankly, are becoming more and more immune to its effectiveness. As a marketing strategist or professional, it’s imperative that you think outside the ‘advertising box’ to promote your business. In today’s ultra-competitive, loud and shiny, crowded and crazy world, you must find a way to be unique in your promotional positioning to tell your product’s story.

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