Top 10 Smart Tips For Your Balanced Diet

Top 10 Smart Tips For Your Balanced Diet

Balanced diet includes right foods and drinks that supplies essential nutrients and energy to the body. It helps in the development of body cells, tissue and organs. Make sure that your foods contain all the essential components which help in building a healthy body. Follow these smart balance diet tips and stay healthy.

Top 10 Smart Tips For Your Balanced Diet

  1. Fruits and Vegetables:
  2. Fruits and vegetables should occupy a major portion of your diet. It is advised to include colourful fruits and vegetables which supply essential nutrients to the body. Prefer fresh foods. Avoid eating canned fruits and vegetables which contain sodium and added sugars that degrade your health.

  3. Protein Rich Foods:
  4. Proteins are essential food components which help in the body growth and tissue repairs. Prefer natural protein sources like fish, eggs, chicken, turkey etc. Ground meat is the rich source of protein which contains less fat. Non-meat proteins include lentils, chickpeas, soy products, nuts, kidney beans. Apart from proteins vegetarians should consume iron and zinc. Iron is found in green leafy vegetables, dried fruits whereas soy milk, legumes, nuts are the best sources of zinc.

  5. Carbohydrates:
  6. carbohydrates should be consumed moderately. Best sources of carbohydrates include wheat, rice, roasted grains and potato.

  7. Vitamins and Fibre:
  8. Vitamins and fibre are required for developing a healthy body. They supply required nutrients and minerals to the body. Green vegetables and leafy vegetables are the rich source of vitamins and fibre.

  9. Whole Grains:
  10. It includes breads, pastas, rolls and crackers. They boost the digestive system process and eliminate the risk of cancer. Research says that whole grains should be consumed three times a day. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole-grain crackers etc. Are the good sources of whole grains.

  11. Calcium:
  12. Calcium is the must have component which helps in building strong bones and teeth. Collard greens, sesame seeds, Okra, Almonds, Orange, Broccoli, Fligs, White beans are the calcium rich foods.

  13. Dairy Foods:
  14. Dairy foods supply enough calcium to the body. But shop intelligently while purchasing dairy products. Opt for low fat version food stuff. Milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream and ice cream are some of the low fat dairy foods. Most people will not like dairy products in such cases prefer substitutes like soy milk, rice milk, fortified cereals.

  15. Healthy Food Preparation:
  16. The way you prepare foods matters a lot. Even though you prefer healthy food stuff the way you cook has a lot of significance. Avoid deep fries, as it destroys necessary vitamins. Avoid using microwaves as vegetables will lose essential phytochemicals.

  17. Prefer Home Food:
  18. Avoid restaurant foods. These foods contain high calories and fat levels which badly affect your health. Opt for home-made food and stay healthy.

  19. Food Portion:
  20. It’s advised to eat small portions of meals at regular intervals rather than consuming heavy meals at a time. Don’t be in a rush while taking meals chew your food properly. Listen to your body signs and stop eating when your belly is full.

If you are unaware of protein rich foods consult nutritionist who will prepare a balance diet chart based on your age and body type. One cannot be healthy always, he/she may fall sick at least once in her life. So it is better to apply for health insurance like European Health Card which provides high medical care at low cost.

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