Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

When you can’t afford a new home but have some funds set aside for a do-it-yourself project, you can very easily update your bathroom within the budget that you have in place.  The best way to get a modern look for your bathing and dressing area is to look at home magazine websites and get in mind the design that best suits your preference.  In a weekend you and a couple of friends can undertake renovating your bathroom and finish it in a creative and affordable way.  Let’s look at some ways to give your bath an updated look without breaking your bank account.

Use Basic Colours

One of the most affordable ways to update your bath is to choose white components when updating your basins, tubs, and toilets.  These fixtures cost less and can be coordinated with colourful and bright linens to add a splash of interest to your bathroom; white also gives a more finished and professional look to your bathroom.

Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

Using Tile Can Save Money

By tiling your shower area, bathroom floor, and a portion of your walls you can save money on your remodelling project.  It adds to the appeal of your interior design if you tile about halfway up the bathroom wall and then finish it with a border design or some quality paint.

Hardware Can Make a Difference

If you want to update your cabinetry in the bathroom without having to replace the entire unit, simply use new hardware for an instant improvement to the look that you currently have.  You can add a coat of paint along with wooden knobs and design your own personal look; if you’re artistic, you can paint in a small flower or vine to carry the theme of your decor throughout the bath area.  Be sure to use a clear polyurethane coat for protection especially if water will come in contact with the painted surface.

Add a Touch of Organisation

Keeping clutter from your counter space and floor area will help to enhance the look of spaciousness that you want for your bathroom.  Use shelves and organisational pieces to add into the drawers to keep your personal items separated and in an order that makes finding them easy when you’re in a rush.

Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

Use Accent Pieces to Complete Your Theme

You will want your bathroom to suit your personality along with your needs and preferences; you can accomplish this theme with accessories that you can find at auctions and boot sales.  Whether you choose a wire basket for your magazines or a nice shelf that can be painted to match your cabinetry your own sense of style will appear in your decorating with accessories.

Add Interest to Your Vanity

One of the most interesting additions to your bathroom remodelling project is to convert a piece of furniture into a vanity.  You’ll simply add one of the available cloakroom basins by cutting a hole in the top of the piece and attaching the proper plumbing to add versatility to your dressing area.  Combine this with a lovely mirror and you’ll have an exquisite dressing area.

Remodelling your bathroom with modern fixtures and fittings (such as the examples shown at http://www.clickbasin.co.uk/) can be an enjoyable adventure for you next weekend.  Research what you like and buy quality products to make the new bath area like your own personal spa.

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