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Where To Go For a Job When You Are a Student: Perspectives for Students in UK

Being the country which opens its doors to many international students from countries of the European Union, Great Britain is a large source to find numerous perspectives for a student to make for a living and entertainment, gain necessary working skills and broaden experiences, make up a mind before making a first step on a way to adult life.
Where To Go For a Job When You Are a Student: Perspectives for Students in UK
According to the revised data received from universities, the number of foreign students in Britain in the past academic year was 513,570 people. The new figures show a significant increase in the number of of EU students, whose training courses and post-diploma programs are subsidized from the budget of Britain.

So, what kinds of jobs are available here?

  • 1.     Part-time jobs. There is a huge range of jobs from hospitality, catering, retail, to promotions and call centres. The majority of places will offer decent pay, upwards £ 6.50 per hour+ additional compensation for travel. Also, if you would like to always have a cash flow, you can consider working in many bars and cafes – this means that besides gaining valuable know-how, you can always reckon on tips.
  • 2.     Volunteer work is very trendy among young people of GB. Why? Volunteering task is to improve the life of society, what makes engagement in charity organizations so attractive. Moreover, it is a great tool to obtain new job skills and improve your resume. Volunteers may perform a great diversity of duties – help in organizing charity events, care for older people, work in a museum or gallery – the possibilities are endless. People from EEA can apply for volunteer work without any limit. In case you have a student-visa, you can volunteer on a part-time basis, working no more than 20 hours a week during your studying term and up to 40 hours a week in holiday time.
  • 3.     Summer Internship –this is an exceptional opportunity to gain a significant superiority over other young people. The competition is nowadays very high, and by doing internship, you receive necessary experience, the overall picture of how the company works, get a great chance make a good impression and may be offered a graduate placement then!
  • 4.     Entry-level jobs offer students a diversity of positions – from office ninjas and phone administrators to receptionists and audit assistants. The distrubution of salaries this way in UK makes up from £14.000 to €30.000 depending on the skills and sector. The most highly paid jobs are mainly in engineering and manufacturing sector.
  • According to the existing law, the UK employers are to pay students the minimum wage which makes £6.30 an hour for anyone over the age of 21 and £5.02 for people at the age from 18 to 20.
    As for health insurance for UK students, it is approximately the same as in USA – a fixed amount is one euro per day and it is enough for a student to get all possible medical services.

    All good things come to he who…is searching!

    You may probably be confused with a large amount of open doors and don’t know which to choose. The fact is that there are many job resources which may be useful to help you set the way. Here, for example, you can browse inside 40 categories to know more available vacancies for students in the leading companies all over United Kingdom. Easy navigation and user-friendly interface allow customers quickly and effortlessly find the latest job postings, absolutely for free. Hit the road, dear student, and we will help you!

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