Why May you Want to use Indigo Add-on?

Your open-source media software ‘Kodi’ that has compatibility with several devices and operating systems can sometimes misbehave. It can crash, buffer, show errors, or do some other nagging things. Or, you may want a solution that can expedite the installation of Kodi Add-ons. For so many needs, you can depend on Indigo Add-on. It is a collection of diagnostic and repair tools. Also, you can explore and download Kodi Add-ons easily through it. In essence, you can achieve a lot of things from this single plugin. Let’s take a quick look at how.

Configuration wizard

It gives you access to a couple of exciting default Add-ons, such as YouTube, Vice, etc. If you are a new Kodi user who hasn’t added anything, then it can seem advantageous.

Addon Installer

In the store, you can come across diverse types of Kodi Add-ons due to which you don’t have to go through the entire process of installation for a particular component. However, a few Add-ons which are not there can require manual work.

Maintenance tools

It allows you to handle packages, crash logs, thumbnails, cache, Add-on updates and deletion, and much more. If Kodi gives you some trouble, you can look for how to fix it solutions within it. So, if you don’t want to lose this advantage, then install Indigo.

In this context, remember you can face Kodi Indigo error at the time of installation of Indigo itself. There can be several reasons behind it. For instance, the Indigo module didn’t complete or was corrupt. Or, there can be a mismatch of updated versions. Whatever be the issue, you shouldn’t leave it unattended. Many online articles offer you suggestions for repairing those errors. Implement them and see how it works. Once installed, you know it can come in handy in many other situations with Kodi.

Factory Restore

There is a feature in Indigo that checks errors at a less intense level first. However, when it doesn’t solve the problem, its Factory Restore takes center stage. It resets Kodi by removing all configuration data and Add-ons so that it feels you just downloaded it. It is generally applicable in extreme conditions only.

Speed test

Slow network speed can lead to buffering, and it can spoil your high-resolution video watching experience. With the Network Speed Test, you can detect the problem so that you can fix it.


Factory reset or rejuvenate Kodi can delete all or some of the configuration details. If you have a backup, then it wouldn’t feel so painful. For this, you can visit the Indigo menu and choose backup/restore. Find out a location where you wish to save all the details and then click between full backup and no database backup. When done, you can download a new Add-on. If you face any challenge, you can restore the backup.

Log viewer

When you have to troubleshoot a problem, you need to access the log file to understand the error. With the Log viewer, you can easily spot the error messages.

There are many other uses also that you can derive from Indigo. However, as you know, you need a VPN service for Kodi to enjoy a safe video streaming experience. If you use Linux, you can look for free VPN for Linux to save money. You can discover good choices.

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