Working In South Africa’s Environmental Sector

Environmental career opportunities are becoming more mainstream in significant industries such as agriculture, energy, consumer goods and logistics. Everyone is taking on a “green approach” meaning that environmental jobs, expand to roles in sales and marketing and production. The Sector in South Africa have shifted from simply being focussed on fauna, flora and natural resource and have begun to address environmental challenges faced in an industrial society while maintaining the same aims.

Working In South Africa’s Environmental Sector

This means that if you qualify as an Environmentalist, you are not limited to being in the natural resources industry. Following the apartheid era Environmental NGOs sought to understand previously side-lined communities; recruiting employees from these communities can play a pivotal role in improving interactions between black and white concerning the environment and how to preserve resources. Most of laws implemented in apartheid era not only induced violence but stunted the growth of environmental awareness.

If you’re thinking of entering this important sector, then you can look forward to making a pivotal contribution to the progress of the entire economy, country and environmental landscape. Simple projects such as planting trees in the township, require a range of expertise, apart from environmentalism.

Here are some jobs in the Environmental field and what people in those positions can earn:

  1. Environmental Scientist

In this role, you can expect to earn ZAR216,267 per annum and experience alongside the right qualification influences the income for this position. Environmental Compliance is a key skill for this post and most people move on to different jobs after 10 years.

  1. Environmental Consultant

An Environmental Consultant can earn an average salary of ZAR206, 859 per annum and Project Management is essential skills to move up the proverbial ladder. People in this job usually have less than 10 years of experience and experience is a strong determining factor of how much one earns.

  1. Environmental Manager Salary

An Environmental Manager can expect to earn an average salary of ZAR442 323 per annum and experience influences how you get paid. Most people in this role have plus/minus 20 years of experience in the field.

Environmentalism has become an enriching force in improving lives over the past 21 years in South Africa. In addition, other positions in this field include roles such as Executive Directors, Reserve Managers, Real Estate and Taxation Experts, Education Managers, Fundraisers, Environmental Clean-Up Specialists and Community Coordinators.

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