4 Issues To Be Fixed by Magento

4 Issues To Be Fixed by Magento

Magento is primarily the open source CMS for all e-commerce websites. According to the current status in the Internet Marketing domain, Magento is the hottest trend that most of the Internet marketing companies have already adopted or are planning to adopt. The entire credit goes to Magento for changing the entire dynamics and landscape of online shopping within the blink of an eye. Going by statistics, the current market share that it has is approximately 34% among all the top e-commerce platforms. An important note followed by this statistics would be that this is the figure just in the initial stage of people opting for this in case of their e-commerce platforms.

Many people are of the opinion that Magento is not perfect. Like all things new that hits the consumer market, a lot of flaws, loopholes and bugs related to it was detected as more and more people started knowing about it. This post is a great way to help readers know about the common Magento issues that can be sorted out in the easiest and the most convenient day.

  • Issue #1: White Screen – This is one of the most common issues associated with Magento that most people often face. This problem mainly reflects a white page that is completely empty and does not provide any header information or any other information for that matter. Is the next thought hitting your mind why is the white screen present in the first place? Going by Magento, this white space on the screen is due to encrypted module or file compilation. The best way to fix this issue would be by manual cleaning of the cache along with deleting XML configuration of the encrypted module.
  • Issue #2: 404 Errors Post Re-writing URLs – Trying to figure out the content of a particular web page can get extremely difficult provided the URL is not properly customized. This difficulty in understanding the content of the web page is a problem that is faced by both customers as well as search engines. With the help of Magento, re-writing the URLs depend a lot on .htaccess file along with the re-written module. There can be issues in Magento as well, where any re-written URL can show 404 error. Surely, you would not want to face such a problem and that is when you need to ensure that the .htaccess file is actually the site root and the re-written module is available. In case the problem still continues in spite of the previous step, the next best option left for you is disabling options of re-writing URLs.
  • Issue #3: Backend Changes Invisible on Frontend – People using Magento have cited changes that they made in the backend however did not get reflected in the frontend. An example of one such change in the backend would be adding a new product or changing the theme. In this case, the main fault lies with the indexes and the caches. The only pre requisite in order to continue working with Magento would be to constantly update indexes and caches. Lack of updating them on a regular basis will only show results based on the past updates.
  • Issue #4: Errors while Checkout – One of the most crucial zones for any e-commerce site is the checkout section and at this point CMS creating an issue can be a major hindrance. The problem with Magento in this case is that customers end up going back to the home page without getting the scope to complete the purchase. According to Magento developers, the primary reason for that being, badly written shipment modules and payment methods. The best way to avoid this problem would be by checking the reports on the serve log regularly to give this situation a miss.

So now you would know what to do in case you witness any of the above mentioned common problems. For more information on Magento development visit http://fisheye-webdesign.co.uk/services/magento/

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