Apps: Helping Protect The Safety Of Your Home and Children

Apps: Helping Protect The Safety Of Your Home and Children

Recent leaps and bounds in technology have helped our society improve everyday living including finding direction, staying in contact with people, and being able to take a picture at a moment’s notice. But, the most impressive strides made in technology, is the creation and improvement of security technologies, particularly for the home. Which is particularly important as many Americans have enough trouble battling debt without common thieves taking off with their possessions. Here are the top 5 Apps that can now help keep our homes and money safe:

1. Smartphone Security Systems

The most popular apps in home security have been the smartphone security systems. These systems can remove the disconnect between you and your home by putting your security system at your fingertips. Live camera feeds, motion sensors, electronic locks, and text message alerts are all a part of smartphone apps that are becoming available by home security companies. These smartphone apps are becoming more widely available and can give a family peace of mind while they are away from the home.

2. Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanners are becoming more and more common for security measures for phones, computers, and other technologies. Aside from twins, everyone’s fingerprints are unique and difficult to copy. Current programs can be fooled in a couple of different ways, but companies are constantly improving the sophistication and efficacy of the technology, which will end in better secured information for each member of a family.

3. Lighting Control

Instead of walking into a dark home there are new technologies that allow you to turn on your lighting system before you even get home. There are many apps now offered by different companies that will allow you to automate lighting configurations based on time of day or voice command. These devices and apps one the market today are putting the power to control your home in your hand.

4. Z-Wave Wi-Fi Encryption 

Not only is your home a possible target for theft, but your computers and phones are too. Many people keep personal information such as social security numbers, files, and passwords that people save onto devices, which can leave them open to the possibility of hackers. The latest Wi-Fi encryption technology called Z-Wave is aiming to make wireless networks more secure than before. There are built in fail-safes that include a temporary encryption key located on the firmware and a message authentication code which is required for every device. This means that even if someone was able to crack your password, this device will catch it and set off a red flag in your system.

5. RFID chips 

An abbreviation for radio-frequency identification, RFID chips are one of the latest technologies starting to become a part of people’s everyday lives. They can not only be used as a tracking device to locate someone, they also have the capability of storing electronic information and can be attached to many objects including clothing, possessions, or even implanted into people. Criminals are not able to replicate the information on the chip unless they get a hold of the device itself.

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