Claiming Compensation Following A Motorbike Accident With A Pedestrian

Any type of road accident can have dire consequences, but there is less protection afforded to the motorbike rider than to a car driver or passenger. Pillion passengers can also become injured, and often through no fault of the bike owner. Where blame or negligence can be attributed to another party, then it is possible to submit a claim for compensation from that party, and your solicitor will help to ensure that you have the best chance of a successful claim.

Cars and other vehicles

can pose a real hazard to bikers. With no seatbelts, airbags, or metal cage to surround the biker, accidents tend to lead to injuries as well as damage to the bike itself and protective and safety equipment. Even drivers that are otherwise alert and capable can have moments of madness, or they may simply fail to check properly when pulling out at or stopping at a junction. Others are unaware of how to drive when around motorbikes, while negligence means that they may cause accidents while overtaking or because they aren’t paying attention when they open their doors into the road.

Drivers and other vehicle owners will typically have insurance to cover them for compensation claims. This does make it easier to recoup the money, when compared to claiming from pedestrians that do not usually have insurance policies in place, but it may also mean that the insurance company will fight to ensure that they do not have to pay out.

While it is true that a pedestrian is unlikely to have insurance in place, and most cyclists do not have insurance either, it is still possible to bring a civil claim case against a person that causes an accident that leads to injury. The courts will ultimately determine whether the pedestrian was to blame, and they will also determine the amount of compensation that is to be paid, and when it should be paid.

It is possible that the pedestrian is covered for legal action as part of their home insurance policy, but this may not be the case. By speaking to a professional solicitor, that has experience in dealing with this type of case, they will be able to determine the likelihood of a successful claim, and they will discuss this likelihood with you before you determine whether it is worth pursuing. Successfully claiming may be able to help ensure that your insurance does not suffer too badly, but this depends on individual circumstances and the circumstances surrounding your specific accident.

It can prove more challenging to submit and successfully win a compensation claim from a pedestrian that has caused a motorbike accident, but considering the fact that some victims suffer loss of earnings stretching over several years, have to pay thousands of pounds in repairs, and have to meet additional costs incurred throughout their recovery, you should at least consider talking to a professional claim company to help determine whether you should proceed with a case or not.

Speak to Carry On Biking to see whether your case has a chance in court, to ascertain the kind of compensation figure you can expect, or to proceed with taking action against another road user or pedestrian.

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