Increase Work Efficiency with Able-HD Plus

Increase Work Efficiency With Able-HD Plus

Many people who spend all day on a computer, in one capacity or another, already preach the gospel of the second monitor. They know firsthand what a recent Microsoft study has confirmed: namely, that having a second screen improves work efficiency — by as much as 50%.

For people who haven’t had to suffer through the frustration of handling a regular workflow on a single screen, or have, but move around too much to invest in a second monitor, it may be worth taking a look at the latest Able HD Kickstarter. For people who don’t per se need a second screen, but think they might like experimenting with one, there may also be a good reason to venture over to Kickstarter.

Increase Work Efficiency with Able-HD Plus

As Founder and CEO Nell Harton put it, “The Able-HD Plus is going to open up a whole new world of possibilities for productivity and enjoyment, both for people who already like working with multi-screen systems and people who have never considered it before. Everyone carries their computers with them in one form or another. Now they can carry their screens, too.”

After the remarkable success of its first online fundraiser — which raised 2,000% of its stated goal: almost $100,000 — Able HD is back with the Able HD Plus, a new and updated version of its innovative portable HD monitor.

The new model comes with the same 1080p LED display as its predecessor, and is still lighter than any comparably sized tablet (the Able-HD Plus comes in 15 and 17” versions) and a-third as thin as your average LED monitor. But now it’s also stronger than before, with a synthetic polymer casing and thermoplastic acrylic screen, and more durable, with rubber lining protecting the casing from damage.

The adapter board is new, too. It’s the first-ever detachable adapter and doubles as the monitor’s prop stand. And with audio in/out, HDMI, VGA, and DVI plugs, the Able-HD Plus is compatible with any mobile device or laptop, as well as a host of gaming consoles.

And at $184 for “early bird” buyers, there’s a Kickstarter you may want to look into.

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