How Businesses Can Benefit from Wireless Expense Management

Wireless networks are more widespread than ever before and growing by the day. The increasing importance of wireless networking to companies and consumers has lead to a proliferation of wireless expense management tools, allowing organisations to cut costs and maintain efficiency while managing their entire network from a single, central point.
Before wireless expense management, companies had to rely on carrier pricing plans and predicted monthly usage to estimate costs. This method vastly increases the risk of overpaying carriers for devices that go unused or features and updates that are not required, as well as potentially astronomical overage charges.
Wireless networks
Implementation of a wireless expense management solution, can significantly reduce overhead costs for mobile devices. Carrier optimisation is just the beginning – network users may be, intentionally or otherwise, generating unnecessary costs by acting outside company policy.
As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) also gathers pace in the workplace, replacing company-issued phones with employees’ own devices is increasingly viewed as a great booster of both morale and productivity, while saving substantial amounts of money in service fees and hardware. However, it’s essential that companies running BYOD in the workplace are able to assess usage on these devices.
Who better to pick up on employees not conforming to company policy than direct management? Even the most dedicated employee can generate unforeseen charges on a smartphone or mobile device; the usage insight offered by wireless management vendors can prove invaluable in setting boundaries and ensuring that data abuse is effectively monitored.
Unauthorised downloads, high data usage from streaming video or audio or any other significant variances from user to user can be discovered with just a few clicks; managers can then assess the compliance of their staff as well as spotting users or abusers.
Wireless management also allows for the tracking of personal usage by employees themselves. Companies that encourage this sort of employee accountability experience significant cost reduction versus those who do not.
Order management is also simplified; having a single ordering portal means your company can follow an audit trail for each and every employee order. This shifts responsibility to individual employees, reducing administrative overhead costs while maintaining accuracy of information. Devices and features can also be matched to users based on their job role and responsibilities.
It is not uncommon to find billing errors on carrier invoices. Possible oversights include overcharging for service fees and under-discounting. Wireless management services provide your company with the confidence that every invoice is completely free of errors, with the ability to automatically eradicate every billing charge. Cost responsibility for items on carrier invoices can also be tracked and applied against company budgets; this streamlines business processes and ensures wireless costs are both contained and correctly allocated.
While any provider of wireless management solutions aims to help you increase efficiency while reducing costs, it’s important that their solution is adapted to fit the unique challenges and priorities of your business. Some vendors may attempt to redefine your policies in order to fit their solution; you should confirm that their offer is the perfect fit before proceeding.

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