Nifty Number Plates – Top Tips For Creating Yours

While private number plates may once have been the kind of commodity that was really only on the cards for those with a wealth of excess money to play with, things are very different these days. Up and down the UK, more motorists than ever before are taking the plunge and diving head-first into their very first private plates, thanks largely to the fact that it’s never been easier or cheaper to do so. Right now, it’s literally as easy as logging onto the appropriate website, hammering in a few details and paying the comparatively tiny price for what is in every respect an incredible investment for life. And what’s even better still is the way in which dealing with the formalities tends to be taken care of on your behalf behind the scenes in no time at all, allowing you to get your new plate on your car in a matter of days – a wholly different scenario to that of years gone by.

But with so many different options to choose from – tens of millions in fact – how can you make sure you choose a plate that represents a good investment for life? It’s of course fair to say that what makes for an ideal plate for any one person will differ greatly from another, but at the same time there are important things to consider to make sure you make the right choice the first time around.

1 – A Safe Seller

Right off the bat, there’s really nothing that matters more than making sure you both choose and buy your plate through a seller and service that can be trusted. It’s uncommon to come across a seller these days that isn’t above board, but for the sake of getting the right price and getting things sorted in the fastest possible time, it’s worth choosing a seller you can trust. This can be established simply by looking into their reputation online and finding out how they’ve been rated by their past and present customers. Once you’ve established the strength of their reputation, you’re good to go.

2 – Search Far and Wide

Whereas some sellers allow buyers to choose from a reasonably varied bank of plate options, others offer access to a comprehensive database with literally tens of millions of possible letter and number combos to choose. Assuming that you’re out to make a genuinely one of a kind plate that says something about you, it makes so much more sense to go for the latter of the two as the more options there are, the better the chance of you finding the perfect plate at the right price. It’s as easy as just entering the details of what you’d like to see on your plate and seeing what’s available.

3 – Think About Reselling

There’s a good chance you’ll want to hang onto the plate for life, but should the time ever come when you deem it necessary to sell the plate for any given reason, it’s good to know you might just make some good money back on your investment. It’s certainly not the be all and end all for most buyers, but at the same time it’s a good idea to think carefully about your chosen plate in terms of whether or not it will be desirable to others further down the line. Hit the nail on the head and you might just hit the jackpot when the time comes.

4 – Be Unique

There’s really nothing worse than coming up with a number plate of your own only to find within a matter of weeks or even days that there are hundreds of other drivers out there rocking plates that look pretty much the same, or at least similar. The whole point of private number plates is that they give you the ability to well and truly stand out from the crowd with something that’s 100% unique to you and you alone, so where possible, it’s a good idea to come up with something that’s not totally obvious or in any way generic. If anything, weird can indeed be wonderful.

5 – Interpretation

Last but not least, always give thought to the way in which those that don’t know you and don’t know what you’re about may interpret the plate. It may simply be a case of using your initial, but at the same time a plate that reads ASS 1 isn’t going to be interpreted in such a way by those that don’t already know you and your name.

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